Salt Lake Potash Ltd (ASX:LON:SO4) Lake Way Water Soluble Sulphate of Potash Produced

Salt Lake Potash’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tony Swiericzuk, said: The outstanding results from the Pilot Plant testwork confirm the addition of KCl into the process will enable Salt Lake Potash to utilise the excess sulphate within the Lake Way brine to produce additional premium grade SOP.

This is a significant outcome for the Company and will strengthen the already compelling economics for the Lake Way Project. We are focussed on finalising the BFS which will reflect the Pilot Plant results and confirm the excellent potential of Lake Way.


Ø Salt Lake Potash has completed Pilot Plant test work on Lake Way confirming a premium SOP product with a +53% K2O grade

Ø The Pilot Plant operation was conducted by SRC over two separate trials utilising 5 tonnes of salt harvested from Lake Way

Ø Potassium Chloride (KCl) was successfully added into the process to utilise the excess of sulphate naturally present in the Lake Way brine

Ø The Lake Way process flowsheet confirms the addition of KCl provides an increase in the SOP output from equivalent Lake Way brine volumes with no material additional capital expenditure

Ø Testing demonstrates Lake Way SOP to be highly water soluble, positioning the product in the highest premium SOP market

Salt Lake Potash Limited (Salt Lake Potash or the Company) is pleased to announce it has completed the Pilot Plant test work of the Lake Way salts at the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC). The test work has yielded a premium Sulphate of Potash (SOP) product that is highly water soluble with a +53% K2O grade.

SRC, the world leading potash processing laboratory, has completed a Pilot Plant operation that is representative of the proposed Lake Way Project process flowsheet. The Pilot Plant operation included the addition of Potassium Chloride to take advantage of the excess sulphate that naturally occurs within the Lake Way brine.

SRC has completed two separate Pilot Plant runs utilising 5 tonnes of salt harvested from Lake Way site evaporation trials, producing premium grade, highly water soluble SOP. The Total Solubility and Dissolution Rate indicates the product would be suitable for application in drip irrigation (otherwise known as fertigation) systems.

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