Russia’s Largest Gas Field Is On Fire In Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

A pipeline ruptured near the production units, causing the fire to erupt. The accident occurred at night, and emergency personnel arrived on the scene early in the morning of 16 June, Telegram channel Gaz-Batyushka reports.

Russia’s largest natural gas field, the Urengoy has reserved up to 10 trillion cubic metres. Gazprom Dobycha Uengoy, a regional subsidiary of Gazprom, manages it.

The production of cement began in the 1980s. It now produces about 230 billion cubic metres per year.

The Urengoy, like most Russian natural gas fields, is connected to pipelines that lead westwards. In 2021, another fire engulfed the Urengoy and caused a rise in natural gas prices.

While most of Urengoy’s gas is exported to Europe and the Middle East, the field has been linked to pipelines that could transport the gas to China and the Far East.

Gazprom’s main production area is the Arctic. The Yamal Nenets Okrug hosts the majority of its fields. Regional authorities claim that Gazprom and its affiliates now produce more than 400 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually in the region. This includes gas from Urengoy.

According to their information, the fire is going on in the area of GP 8, sk 8832.

The Gazprom dobycha Urengoy section between gas fields 7-8 had a pipe rupture of 1400 mm. Details are being clarified. Recall that the Urengoy field is one of the largest in the world, yielding in reserves only to North/South Pars (Qatar/Iran). Recoverable reserves – up to 10 trillion m3 of gas.

In August last year, gas supplies through the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline were reduced due to a large-scale fire at the gas chemical complex of Gazprom in Novy Urengoy. This then caused a rise in prices in the European market by 6%.

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