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Some of our more dedicated readers and listeners will have noted that throughout November and December we worked with Round the Clock Trader Simon Campbell and host Zak Mir alongside various trader stalwarts such as Russell Jones to partake in a morning breakfast show entitled Round the Clock Trader TV. Unfortunately, the show has now finished but we thought we’d take a look back at our ‘Stock of the Day’ picks (NOT buy recommendations) to see how they’re getting on. Some have done great! Some … not so great … welcome to AIM.

So as you can see, we did ok. Highlights included VELA, MKA and THR. Lowlights included PREM, HEMO and AST. All current prices marked above were noted at 9am today so they may likely have changed by the time you’re reading this. DYOR as always. I feel that PREM specifically is now undervalued in my personal opinion. AST is a strange one given recent positive news so one would expect that upcoming IPPC permit news to be a catalyst to the share price but that said… every other piece of positive news released of late hasn’t brought any good vibes back to the share price in any way shape or form no matter how many interviews or events the CEO partakes in. Looking at the highlights, I feel MKA, VELA and THR still have a lot to offer although if I had to pick just 2 I’d probably go with MKA and THR at the moment because of the newsflow that is expected and how we’ve seen both share prices perform of late. RMP is potentially the dark horse of the bunch given recent poor history… EME recently proved that O&G drills around California proved up to be prospective so will RMP repeat the same trick? Credit to natural resources entrepreneur and MNRG CEO Paul Johnson for highlighting that one to me based on their last quarterlies RNS – look at Cash v Mcap and do the maths. Buys at 1.15 are possible on brief occasion too so don’t be fooled by the current SP and spread.

If you want a little more detail, (I emphasise the word ‘little’), then you can look at my picks for 2018 here. N4 Pharma (N4P) is currently doing the biz out of those picks thus far.

The question now comes to you… if Share Talk were to host a daily breakfast show discussing not just AIM stocks, but FX, Crypto, and larger FTSE stocks… would you be interested? What time would suit you and for how long? It will be free to watch of course! It would be great to hear your input – maybe even on the show itself? Send any thoughts to and we’ll reply to every bit of feedback that comes our way. In the meantime, here’s to having a successful 2018 for all traders and investors.


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