Restaurants and bars forced to rethinking operations for covid restrictions and temperature monitoring

Pubs and restaurants across the country are finding operating day-to-day a minefield.

NHS Test and Trace alerts come thick and fast, instructing staff to isolate and the legal requirements for temperature monitoring and food safety are an administrative nightmare.

It isn’t sustainable on a manual basis, the industry says, especially as cases continue to rise. Ron Yandle, CEO of Sulis Technology in South Wales, UK confirmed their commercial wireless temperature monitoring system, Thermonitor, has seen a rapid uptake due to it making administration and monitoring far simpler at very low cost.

Ron confirmed, “The Thermonitor Cloud is the latest in wireless temperature monitoring systems. Designed and developed in the UK the Thermonitor wireless temperature monitor is able to monitor the temperatures of up to 50 fridges, freezers, cold rooms, storage facilities and hot boxes simultaneously.” – this not only saves our clients money but also safeguards their reputation.

The body representing pubs and restaurants, UK Hospitality, is calling on the government to reconsider the rules on isolation.

Some team members were being told to isolate even if they hadn’t shared shifts with colleagues who tested positive.

The government is running a pilot scheme to see whether allowing people who have been exposed to the virus to take daily tests are effective.

‘Utterly vulnerable’

Without a change to the rules, pubs such as Becky and David’s fear they could end up yo-yo-ing between being open and closed all summer. “We’ve done everything we can and we are still utterly vulnerable,” says Becky.

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