Rambler Metals & Min (RMM.L) Operations Update

London, England & Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada – Rambler Metals and Mining plc (AIM: RMM) (“Rambler” or “the Company”), a copper and gold producer, explorer and developer announces an impact to mining due to a shortage of operators at its Ming Copper-Gold Mine, located in Eastern Canada.

There has been a substantial rise in Covid-19 in Newfoundland, as there has been around the world. The province has implemented some of the strongest protocols for protection against Covid-19 and Rambler has adopted further measures over and above these. This includes a Company policy of mandatory full vaccination against Covid-19 for all persons coming to the mine site.

As a precaution against the transmission of Covid-19, since 31 December 2021, a number of critical operators have been in isolation and unable to attend the mine site due to a positive PCR test result received prior to reaching the mine site. It is emphasised that to date, no cases of Covid-19 have been recorded for any employees or contractors that have attended the mine site.

In this instance, it is fly-in contract operators that are in isolation which is anticipated to be for up to 14 days. At this stage none of the Rambler employees are affected but this could change given the volatile Covid situation.

The shortage of contract operators, who are focused on mine development, means that the mine cannot develop at target rates until the isolation period is over or replacement contractors arrive. Therefore, the time required to develop sufficiently to sustain the Company’s production target of 1,350 tonnes ore per day will be impacted and accordingly, production guidance is now expected to be delayed further into Q1 2022 than previously announced on 21 December 2021.

The Company will take guidance from the provincial health authorities in terms of when and how isolating individuals can be brought back into the workforce.

The Company is looking at arrangements to mitigate the financial impacts and will report to the market in due course.


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