Plastic Coming Out Of Our Ears, But Not In Our Brains


Last week it was confirmed to the London Stock Market by international technology verification company DNV GL, that plastic waste can be turned into hydrogen, effectively ending a 180 years problem.

It is the environment equivalent of curing cancer, heart disease, or even the common cold, but this was not reported anywhere. Indeed, there have been umpteen waste plastic horror stories in the last eight days including UK plastic waste ending up in Malaysia, and that our bodies are now contaminated by microplastic.

Yet not one journalist anywhere has cottoned on to the big story – they just keep on going on about the problem. Indeed, just to underline how this has gone over people’s heads I called up a major UK national newspaper and was given a snooty response – “send an email, I am going into a meeting.” This meeting is apparently a very long one.

That was last Wednesday. If this person had taken action on my tip he would be basking in the glory of the environmental story of the decade. I also phoned up the Green Party – another “send an email” job, and emailed Greenpeace. So far no response, and indeed, I expect no response. Even from a hundred news outlets. It is just the way the echo chamber / group think works.

What will be interesting to see is how long from 16 October 2016 it takes for the penny to drop on this story, and what bright spark eventually takes the credit for the “scoop”. I would appear not to be a contender for the Pullitzer prize on this occasion. I am more concerned not to have increasing amounts of plastic in the brain.

By @ZaksTradersCafe 


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