Paul Johnson, MTR – MOD earlier days, EUA, GGP to Power Metal (POW.L) Interview

Thinking back to the early Metal Tiger PLC days, the share price was circular 0.54 when I met Cameron Parry and Paul Johnson who captained the MTR ship.

More of an investment company back in the day, how things would change with peoples lives gaining significant financial rewards, some life-changing

Abm who is the founder and MD of share Talk would go to investor shows in London before ST was born, while on his leave from the oil and gas offshore game. Early 2015 their paths would cross and a friendship was formed with the MTR management team.

Share Talk was launched in late 2015 as the MTR boys had started to gather steam, investing in EUA, GGP to name a few and they were flying. Financing a deal with MOD Resources in Botswana that would be a company changer for all involved.

We would see the MTR share price rise to circular 1.2p and it was like a coiled spring, the market makers would/could not stop what happened next. From a humble start with an office on Edgware Road, W2 the share price would explode and pass 6p in the blink of an eye.

The Walsall Rat Pack (small group of investors) who had supported the company from the Grassroutes days would have multiples of what they had originally invested, yes houses paid off, people retiring, one set of investor left the building and left the door open for the new ones.

I have fond memories of attending investor events near Birmingham with a £120 Argos video camera to hand. Attending meetings afterwards with investors and raising £250,000 together over a few beers and the first time that the word “warrants” made perfect sense.

Let’s not dwell on the past, nothing last forever, eventually the MTR investors, the management team would move on to new pastures.

Today you can find Paul Johnson at the helm of Power Metal Resources PLC (POW.L) and with more RNS updates than you can shake a stick at, this is a company building for the future. Guess what “Botswana” is back on the table, the past experience has paid off and drilling is now in progress, a company in multiple jurisdictions across the globe with a constant news flow.

Let us see if the coiled spring effect comes in to play once again? Will this be another company that changes people lives, time will tell, but remember it has been done in the past with the same formula and same man at the helm.

Linking Shareholders and Executives :Share Talk

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