#PHARMA: NeuroVive are groundbreaking specialists in mitochondrial treatments

Erik Kinnman, CEO of Swedish biotech company NeuroVive Pharmaceutical, says that his company are at the forefront of research into mitochondrial medicine, which is the subject of growing interest.

Mitochondria are found in all cells except blood, give the body energy, protect the body against injury and make up 10% of body weight. ‘Clearly they are very important’ explained Mr Kinnman. ‘What our businessdoes is to study these organisms and to develop drugs which protect and enhance the function of mitochondria’.

One use is for moderate to severe Traumatic Brain Injury, and a Phase IIa open study has just been successfully completed in Copenhagen. This is a large addressable market for the company, with about 3 million patients each year in Europe and the US

The other focus for NV is on genetic mitochondrial disorders which leads to severe diseases with no treatment at all currently. So there is a high medicinal need with very sick patients.

‘We have several opportunities to leverage on our specialist knowledge and to build value in both the short term, and medium to long term’.

This interview is one of a series with Edison pharma clients shot at the Biotech and Money Conference at the Waldorf Hotel, London on 14.11.2017.

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