Patrick Birley, NEX Exchange: incubator for companies growth

NEX Exchange is a stock market operator, helping companies at every stage of their development. CEO Patrick Birley stresses on the possibility of working* with a variety of companies – from entrepreneurial to well-established. Among NEX Exchange clients, he mentions Chapel Down (LON: CDGP), an example of a successful and high performing business; CoinCity which is benefitting from the media attention around Bitcoin and blockchain. NEX works with companies of diverse backgrounds: family businesses, IT, international, etc, and is still studying the possibility of re-introducing cash shells. Liquidity, which has always been a problem /discussion topic for Nex, is actually a misconception as a third of the companies on NEX have good level of trading volumes and also benefit from medium to long term investors as opposed to the greater presence of traders on AIM . Entrepreneurs are encouraged to join NEX in order to develop a corporate discipline: accountability, such as board meetings and financial and legal compliance are key to the growth of any company.

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