Orosur Mining Inc (OMI.TSX.L) Colombia Update

Orosur Mining Inc – Colombia Update

· Assays from nine additional holes

· Multiple high-grade gold intersections with associated silver and zinc- including 59.55m @ 9.61g/t Au and 61.75m @ 2.05g/t Au.

· Current drilling program nearing completion as planned

· Further assays expected in due course

· Regional field work progressing well.

· Major geophysical surveys planned.

London, July 6th , 2021 . Orosur Mining Inc. (“Orosur” or the “Company”) (TSX/AIM:OMI) , is pleased to announce an update on the progress of Minera Anzá’s drilling campaign currently underway at the Company’s Anzá project in Colombia.

For the full PDF version of the announcement with Figures 1-5 included, please refer to: http://www.rns-pdf.londonstockexchange.com/rns/2388E_1-2021-7-5.pdf

Results of further nine holes (MAP-083 to MAP-091)

Assay results for nine additional diamond drillholes have been received from the ALS Chemex’s laboratory in Lima, Peru.

Significant results from these holes include:

MAP-086 3.90m @ 6.13g/t Au, 17.27g/t Ag, 0.79% Zn

18.72m @ 2.85g/t Au, 2.95g/t Ag, 1.59% Zn

MAP-089 4.3m @ 9.31g/t Au, 5.4g/t Ag, 6.14% Zn

59.55m @ 9.61g/t Au, 6.23g/t Ag, 3.75% Zn

MAP-090 3.1m @ 12.96g/t Au, 2.56g/t Ag, 4.66% Zn

6.05m @ 9.91g/t Au, 1.56g/t Ag, 0.48% Zn

3.70m @ 7.43g/t Au, 1.38g/t Ag, 0.08% Zn

MAP-091 61.75m @ 2.05g/t Au, 3.3g/t Ag, 0.82% Zn

Full results

Table 1. Drill Intercepts*.

(* Intersections are reported as down-hole widths, not true widths. The Company does not yet have sufficient drilling information to accurately calculate true widths of drill hole intersections.

These nine holes have been successful in providing greater guidance as to the shape and nature of gold mineralisation at APTA, specifically identifying a number of thick, high-grade, plunging shoots, surrounded by a lower grade halo. The Anzá geological team is working to develop 3D models of the mineralisation that will assist in future targeting.

Economically, such shoots could be highly significant as they would likely be of extreme importance for any operation at APTA, and therefore represent the primary target for ongoing drilling.

The mineralisation thus far extends over a strike length in excess of 800m and remains open in several directions according to the most recent interpretation of the mineralisation.

Figure 1. Drill Hole Locations

Figure 2. Mineralisation Outline, North APTA

Figure 3. Section MAP-089 and MAP-085 (off section)

Figure 4. Section MAP-091

Regional Exploration

As noted previously, a range of regional exploration programs have been underway for some time across the wider land package and include geological mapping, BLEG sampling, and soil and stream sediment sampling.

Work has been concentrated in the NE licence area, with two new prospect areas being identified and named for future reference – Pupino and Pepas (fig 5)

Figure 5. Prospects and Sampling

Mapping and sampling work is challenging due to rugged terrain, and the need to maintain strict Covid-19 protocols, but results have been positive with identification of favourable lithologies, large silicified boulders, quartz veins, and pervasive sulphide development.

Soil and stream sediment samples have been sent to commercial laboratories for analysis, while BLEG samples, requiring more specialised assay and analysis, have been sent to Newmont’s in-house laboratory in Denver, Colorado for analysis.

Results are expected in the coming weeks.

Geophysical Surveys

Due to the observed correlation between sulphide development and gold mineralisation, geophysical methods such as Induced Polarisation (IP) should be an effective tool in identification high sulphide-bearing zones and to assist in drill targeting.

To that end, a large IP survey is currently being planned along various sections of the Aragon Fault that have thus far been shown to be prospective from preliminary field observations. Planning and ground clearance is now underway, and it is hoped that work may commence in early August 2021.

Drilling Status and Planning

The Company is now nearing the end of its planned 9,500m drilling program that commenced in November 2020. At times up to five rigs were on site, however as the final hole of this program is currently underway, only one rig is now operating.

Once the final hole of this early program is complete, that remaining rig will remain on site and continue to drill at APTA to gradually expand this zone of mineralisation.

The primary objective of the Company’s exploration program is to determine the potential of the Anzá land package to host a large gold mineralisation system. The first phase of drilling has successfully defined significant high grade gold mineralisation at APTA, and this will be gradually expanded with one rig. The next major phase of drilling will be targeted at identifying additional centres of mineralisation along the 20km strike of the Aragon Fault, and other anomalous zones.

Social and community clearance has been underway for some months in these new areas as part of the mapping and sampling programs. A component of which has been the assessment of access conditions and the likely need for improvement. Once targets have been finalised in the coming weeks, the required logistical work will commence to open up these areas for drilling activities.

Orosur CEO Brad George commented:

“While a long time coming, these drill results are spectacular and give us great comfort that Anzá has the potential to be a major gold system.

Further assays are expected in due course. We are now directing our teams to identify the next drill targets – work that has so far shown great promise.”

For further information, please contact:

Orosur Mining Inc

Louis Castro, Chairman,

Brad George, CEO

[email protected]

Tel: +1 (778) 373-0100


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