OptiBiotix Health (AIM:OPTI) SlimBiome® wins award at Vitafoods 2018


OptiBiotix Health plc (AIM: OPTI), a life sciences business developing compounds to tackle obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes announces that it has won the award for Weight Management Ingredient of the Year at the Vitafoods European tradeshow in Geneva. The award is given to the product identified by a panel of scientific, regulatory and industry experts demonstrating leading edge research and innovation in the weight management market.

SlimBiome® is a next generation patented weight management ingredient developed by world leading key opinion leaders in nutrition and satiation to help manage weight loss by reducing hunger. This leads to less snacking and easier weight loss. It is heat stable, easy to process and has been incorporated into bread, biscuits, dairy, gummies, muesli pots, healthy snacks & bars, and a range of cereals in puff, flakes, and crisp format.

Independent human studies by Oxford Brookes University have demonstratedthat if you compare control and test groups who take SlimBiome® or a placebo, the SlimBiome® group: –

·     Feel fuller and are less hungry

·     Have less food cravings

·     Change their food choice so eat less sweet or fatty foods

This contrasts with current products on the market which often lack strong scientific evidence or clinical studies and typically rely on customers’ self-control to restrict calories and as a consequence have a high failure rate. Independent consumer studies have shown that 100% of customers who used SlimBiome® in OptiBiotix’s GoFigure® products lost weight, on average 2-3lbs per week. Most importantly these customers found the products relieve hunger pangs leading to easier dieting.

The award for Weight Management Ingredient of the Year at Vitafoods is the second industry award for SlimBiome®, following on from winning the award for ‘Best Functional Ingredient for Health and Well Being’ at Food Matters in November 2017.

SlimBiome® is the first in a range of products being developed by OptiBiotix which help to improve human health through the science of the microbiome. Other products under development in the range include ImmunoBiome, ®CardioBiome® and WellBiome®.

Stephen O’Hara, CEO of OptiBiotix, commented: “We are pleased to receive this award which provides independent industry recognition of the innovation and scientific credibility behind the development of SlimBiome®and it’s potential to help manage weight gain and improve consumers health and wellbeing.  Having a product with a known mechanism of action, clinical and consumer studies showing its safety and effectiveness, and the support of leading international key opinion leaders, helps give confidence to consumers in their product choice. Hunger free dieting is now a consumer option and we hope that the increasing number of food applications containing SlimBiome® will help bring the benefits of this exciting new technology to a wider international audience.”


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