Open Orphan PLC (AIM:ORPH) Positive in vitro results for FLU-v published in Vaccines

Open Orphan plc (AIM: ORPH), (to be renamed hVIVO plc (AIM: HVO) effective 26 October 2022), a rapidly growing specialist contract research organisation (CRO) and world leader in testing infectious and respiratory disease products using human challenge clinical trials.

Announces that positive data from a peer-reviewed study evaluating the in vitro efficacy of FLU-v, Imutex Limited’s (“Imutex”) broad spectrum influenza vaccine, has been published in the scientific journal Vaccines.1

Previous clinical studies have demonstrated that FLU-v induced increased antibody and cellular responses in vivo. This placebo-controlled study evaluated the ability of FLU-v to induce cellular effector functions and cross-reactivity (both measures of the immune response, with cross-reactivity being particularly important for protection against multiple viral strains) of immune cells extracted from participants, following exposure to five different influenza strains.

The study found that measurements of IFN-γ and granzyme B production in stimulated immune cells from participants that had been previously vaccinated with either FLU-v or placebo, were significantly higher in the FLU-v group both when stimulated with vaccine antigen and also with antigens from a panel of seasonal and pandemic inactivated influenza A and B strains. These results further support the continued development of FLU-v as a broad-spectrum influenza vaccine.

FLU-v is owned by Imutex, a joint venture between hVIVO and PepTcell Limited (the legal name of SEEK Group) , to develop vaccines against influenza and mosquito borne diseases such as Zika virus, malaria and other flaviviruses.

Seasonal influenza causes significant morbidity and mortality each year and a pandemic influenza continues to pose a worldwide threat. Influenza is a serious global health threat with an estimated 1 billion cases per year, 3-5 million severe cases and 290,000 – 650,000 deaths per year.

Dr Andrew Catchpole, Chief Scientific Officer of hVIVO, said: “It is encouraging to see further positive data for FLU-v, supporting its continued development as a broad-spectrum influenza vaccine. There is a large unmet need for a broad-spectrum vaccine to help battle emerging seasonal and pandemic influenza A and B viruses. Although FLU-v had already produced successful Phase II clinical data, this in vitro study is particularly important as it showed the ability of the candidate to induce an immune response against a diverse variety of influenza A and B strains.”

1. Oftung, F.; Næss, L.M.; Laake, I.; Stoloff, G.; Pleguezuelos, O. FLU-v, a Broad-Spectrum Influenza Vaccine, Induces Cross-Reactive Cellular Immune Responses in Humans Measured by Dual IFN-γ and Granzyme B ELISpot Assay. Vaccines 2022, 10, 1528.

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