Nicholas Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of SulNOx Group (SNOX.PL)

Today Zak Mir speaks with Nicholas Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of SulNOx Group who are listed on the Aquis Exchange.

SulNOx Group has developed fuel emulsifier technology and is in discussions with major diesel and HFO users around the world



The trademarked and patent-pending family of products, SulNOxEco™, has deployed 2 initial products through a licensing agreement with Nouryon BV (formerly AkzoNobel Speciality Chemicals).

These products, Berol® 6446 (HFO emulsifier) and Berol® 6430 (Diesel Conditioner), emulsify hydrocarbon fuels to ensure more efficient combustion, reducing harmful particulate matter, NOx gases, soot, carbon and other air pollutants. Our unique products reduce maintenance costs on engines, extend the life of all engine oils and lower the viscosity of heavy fuel oil (HFO).

SulNOx was formed late 2012, but was incorporated in March 2013 through the issue of shares to the founders and a concurrent acquisition-option over the SulNOx chemical technology to continue its development into a range of usable, high-margin retail sales products.

Collaborating with Nouryon, our products are distributed to customers internationally.

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