Mirriad Advertising – Mirriad collaborates with Microsoft

New API Enhances Adtech Platforms’ Compatibility with Mirriad’s Fusion Technology

The first release within the new cloud and technology partnership with Microsoft aims to boost product innovation, increased scalability, and mutual customer advantages.

Mirriad, a leading in-content advertising company, has collaborated with Microsoft to develop a new API, creating a strategic plan to incorporate Microsoft Azure and its AI capabilities for various applications.

The company’s new Application Programming Interface (API) is the initial release within the partnership with Microsoft. This API enables seamless interoperability with Mirriad’s Fusion technology, which allows dynamic insertions by media partners and supports high volumes of real-time data exchange.

In practical terms, this improved connectivity between media partners and the broader adtech ecosystem is designed to enhance the potential scale of programmatic advertising opportunities.

Mirriad integrates Microsoft Azure API Management to drive this new functionality and bolster Mirriad’s ability to further integrate with compatible Azure services, rapidly and securely developing new scalable solutions.

Mirriad and Microsoft will also collaborate on technical briefings and closely coordinate product roadmaps to capitalize on the partnership’s potential.

Stephan Beringer, CEO at Mirriad, stated: “Collaborating with Microsoft marks a significant milestone in the continued development of our in-content advertising platform, proposition, and business.

Microsoft is a leader in cloud technology, and cognitive and generative AI, which are crucial components in the new marketing frontier that we’re establishing. The new API is our first release in partnership with Microsoft and a major step towards scaling through automation and integration with the programmatic ecosystem. The comprehensive agreement with Microsoft can reveal substantial benefits and opportunities for both parties as we continue to develop our technical capabilities and scale the creation and delivery of contextually relevant ad experiences in content.”

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