Micro-cap Movers and Shakers From Tosh Lines, 1st January 2020

Happy New Year to those of you who celebrate it. Err I guess that’s everybody. Phew, the politically correct gang can’t tell me off as I didn’t insult anybody. New year, new me 😊

I hope you all had a well-earned rest over the festive period and are raring to go. With the likes of Trump promising a Trade deal with China this month, and BoJo promising a BREXIT deal by the end of January, the chances of a raging Bull market are good. The FTSE AIM All-Share closed the year at 958.26, a fantastic run from October where it double-bottomed at 852. Let’s hope it continues this run throughout 2020.

Looking back at 2019, I must say I am pleasantly surprised to see that it was a stellar year for many folks out there. I’ve seen plenty of Twitter posts stating high percentage returns on their portfolios which is brilliant. Well done all and long may it continue. I personally had a decent start to the year, a rubbish middle, and a really strong close. So, overall, another profitable year which meant I avoided going back to that boring 9-5 office job.

The festive period has enabled me to down tools, clear my mind, revisit my trades for the year, go over the mistakes I made, and adjust my strategy to try and make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again. Here’s hoping.

Having reviewed my stock screener, it is also great to see a large number of micro-caps which closed the year up over 100%. Folk complaining that AIM is dead, liquidity is low, and it isn’t like it used to be, need to pull their heads out of the sand. There are plenty of opportunities out there and plenty of Traders I know have made a killing from some of the below plays.

Highlighted below are 62 micro caps which ended 2019 up over 100%:

  1. TICKER: PET +1069%
  2. TICKER: LEAF +965%
  3. TICKER: EUA +658%
  4. TICKER: SLN +569%
  5. TICKER: STX +487%
  6. TICKER: FARN +373%
  7. TICKER: CLON +367%
  8. TICKER: NFX +326%
  9. TICKER: ACP +300%
  10. TICKER: GAN +295%
  11. TICKER: IXI +285%
  12. TICKER: AFC +278%
  13. TICKER: LUCE +266%
  14. TICKER: REAT +264%
  15. TICKER: PPS +255%
  16. TICKER: RRE +243%
  17. TICKER: SKIN +236%
  18. TICKER: ADA +233%
  19. TICKER: MTL +206%
  20. TICKER: ITM +205%
  21. TICKER: FUTR +203%
  22. TICKER: RENE +203%
  23. TICKER: AUG +202%
  24. TICKER: TENG +201%
  25. TICKER: RENX +197%
  26. TICKER: LME +174%
  27. TICKER: JSE +173%
  28. TICKER: DKE +162%
  29. TICKER: PXS +162%
  30. TICKER: PTAL +161%
  31. TICKER: IOF +155%
  32. TICKER: GMR +151%
  33. TICKER: ERGO +150%
  34. TICKER: MANO +142%
  35. TICKER: PETS +141%
  36. TICKER: AFRB +140%
  37. TICKER: BIDS +137%
  38. TICKER: IBPO +137%
  39. TICKER: ORCP +132%
  40. TICKER: PAT +131%
  41. TICKER: SLP +127%
  42. TICKER: GOOD +127%
  43. TICKER: FUM +126%
  44. TICKER: ZOL +122%
  45. TICKER: SDI +121%
  46. TICKER: AFX +121%
  47. TICKER: DATA +120%
  48. TICKER: DTG +119%
  49. TICKER: CNEL 117%
  50. TICKER: INSP +115%
  51. TICKER: IDE +115%
  52. TICKER: SOLI +113%
  53. TICKER: TSG +113%
  54. TICKER: EYE +110%
  55. TICKER: MWE +108%
  56. TICKER: CHAL +106%
  57. TICKER: LTG +106%
  58. TICKER: AOR +104%
  59. TICKER: HZM +104%
  60. TICKER: NWT +103%
  61. TICKER: BIRD +102%
  62. TICKER: ALS +100%

How many of them were you in? I bet nobody was in more than 5 of them, we were all too busy following the herd on social media 😊

And on that bombshell, I wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2020. Please note I have a new Twitter account @_TradeTheTicker please give me a follow!

In a bit


Author: Tosh Lines

I am a full-time trader who focuses on micro-caps, a freelance writer, and when I am not staring at the screens I am most likely climbing 3 mountains in 1 day for charity 

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