Micro-Cap Movers and Shakers From Tosh Lines, 14th February 2020

“A man in a relationship trades intimacy for sex. A woman in a relationship trades sex for intimacy.”

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! You poor souls in relationships will be trading after the market closes today and you probably don’t even realise it. You’ll be buying a bunch of roses and a set menu in your local Italian in the hope your other half sells you a knee-trembler when you get home! Once a Trader always a Trader!

It’s been another lustful week on the junior market, with many an ugly sort shaking their tushy’s in the hope us paying punters show them some loving! And show them some loving we did. Below are some of the biggest movers, I hope you all rode at least one of them!

TICKER: LWRF soared 230% from a low of 1.03p to a high of 3.4p

TICKER: PHE spiked 140% from a low of 0.73p to a high of 1.75p

TICKER: ETX rose 136% from a low of 3.5p to a high of 8.25p

TICKER: PREM rose 111% from a low of 0.083p to a high of 0.175p

TICKER: NCYT soared 102% from a low of 52p to a high of 105p

TICKER: GRL ascended 98% from a low of 1.67p to a high of 3.30p

TICKER: BYOT climbed 76% from a low of 2.05p to a high of 3.6p

TICKER: SNG shot up 69% from a low of 10.25p to a high of 17.35p

TICKER: HYNS jumped 63% from a low of 430p to a high of 699p

AIM is alive and kicking!

But let’s also spare a thought for TICKER: BOIL who got dumped on Valentine’s Day. Last week’s Casanova, they ended this week like a 40-year-old Virgin. Having rogered everything in sight for multiple days, its share price was erected from 0.04p before climaxing at 0.573p. The equivalent of pulling the captain of the Swedish beach volleyball team, pulling her mate the next day and then having the rest of the team for dessert the day after that. The stuff of dreams. But sadly, a week later, they have robbed you of all of your money (TICKER: BOIL announced a wonderful fundraiser at 0.1p and the share price dropped 60%), posted a photo of you naked online and left you sleeping alone in the wet patch. A floppy disappointment of an ending one might say.

On a serious note, for all newbies trading plays like this, remember to take your profits on the way up. Don’t get sucked into thinking these companies will rise 1000% every week, they won’t. All too often these micro caps are pumped up to get a fundraiser away, and that appears to be the case with TICKER: BOIL.

How to spot the pump and dump? Easy…after its monumental rise over a couple of days, volume reduced, the last green day closed as a Shooting Star (bearish candlestick pattern) and the day after was a Bearish Engulfing red candle with the share price closing nearly 50% down from the highs. Either of these daily candlesticks are signals to sell.

Short and sweet this week, just like my err. I mean…I’m in a rush as I’m off to tackle Single’s Night in my local. I’ve got more chance of getting Peronivirus than I have pulling a stunner. God help me.

Author: Tosh Lines

I am a full-time trader who focuses on micro-caps, a freelance writer, and when I am not staring at the screens I am most likely climbing 3 mountains in 1 day for charity 

Please note: I have a new Twitter account @_TradeTheTicker please give me a follow!

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