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I provide a round up of LSE Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Thank you for the good feedback and your interaction after Steve Shares issue #3. The poll in regards to what RNS alert service is the best to use was wide and varied in response. In conclusion there are many service providers out there. All offer different services and reporting methods. The most valuable piece of feedback was from spud the plumber @stevenr94125933. He uses @rnsalerts as he works where there is sometimes a lack of internet connection. The service sends a normal text message to you so is real time and could be useful for anyone going on holiday where they might not have connection.

#LSTCtag was a very hot chat topic again and there was interaction from @vandrico_inc who did the independent tests on the product that Cloudtag has to offer thank you very much to them for their input in regards to their policies and procedures.

I have had several approaches from followers who wanted to discuss shares they hold and give the reasons for their thoughts behind their ‘what’s on next’. What’s on next will cover the pick of the week in next weeks issue.

Entertainment One and ITV (ITV)

Canadian film and TV company Entertainment One rejected a takeover bid from UK broadcaster ITV.

The ITV offer of 236p per share for Entertainment One valued them at over £1bn total at a small value above their current share price.

eOne’s board rejected the offer because it fundamentally undervalues the company and its prospects”. The company own several products the best know being the Peppa Pig franchise

The company’s value closing at 217.5p per share, meant its overall value was £900m.

Are you a shareholder in either eOne or ITV? Do you see any value in these takeover prospects? Is there scope for a higher offer as eOnes share price in recent times has been significantly higher? Let us know your thoughts on #lstitv and tag me in @slarratt1

William Hill (WMH)

Rank and 888 submitted a formal bid for bookmaker William hill with an offer of £3.6bn or 364p a share. With the deal looking like it was only a low percentage above current value it was rejected. William Hill has had issues with its online sector but is in the process to create value to the online portfolio and has recently acquired Grand Parade to help in this process so can 888 add any value to the take over? Rank’s main business is in casinos so can they add any value to William Hill?

It has been a turbulent time for book making and gambling firms in recent times with changes in the taxation laws meaning less revenues and higher overheads. Fixed odds betting terminals have had bad press in the sector for high street branches. With potential risks involved for the brand I think there would need to be a higher value put onto the company for any offer to be acceptable to shareholders.

With online betting companies now paving the way forward is there going to be an end to the traditional high street book makers? Are more dynamic companies making more revenue so are in a position to offer these type of deals? Your thoughts and comments please on #lstwmh and tag me in @slarratt1

88 Energy (88e)

In the run up to the results of the 2 and 3 dimensional interpretation 88e is buzzing on social media again. A favourite share from earlier in the year these results have been eagerly awaited by long term holders and traders alike. With Circa 3Billion barrels of unconventional oil already in place on their acreage awaiting flow testing early next year could there be any conventional oil in place? With nearby plays showing massive finds there very well could be. Could there be a Joint Venture partner on the cards along with the results? Your thoughts comments and questions are welcomed on #lst88e tag me in @slarratt1 and please forgive me if I get involved with this one, Mr 88e is my Nickname after all.

Sirius Minerals (SSX)

It has been a very busy few months for holders for Sirius minerals holders and a constant flow of news shows why. Deals in place, resource upgrades, and what looks like a worldwide project ready to start producing. Infrastructure has recently been approved and looks good to go to the next stage. Social media is buzzing with the different levels and types of funding that can be put in place after the recent announcement that they won’t be issuing block listing shares.

Are you a holder? What are your thoughts on the different types of funding that might happen? With Sirius Minerals about to obtain funding is this a good time to invest? What are your concerns with fund raising options? Let us know and comment via #lstssx and tag me in @slarratt1

Cloud TAG (CTAG)

Covered in previous Steve Shares. Cloudtag’s potential has been discussed in depth. In relation to taking the product into the next phase of the company’s production multiple companies were suggested by several well researched people.

Early this week the first agreement was completed by the management of the team with a US partner Griffin International Companies Inc, this is part of the Cities Market Studio group. This deal for the sale and distribution of the products in USA and Canada represents a good mark on which to build the brand and move forward. The deal incorporates the major outlets and online retailers, these include Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Amazon. The key news is that Cloudtag has secured the exclusive rights for them not to market or distribute similar products to the market.

The company has also raised £580,000 by way of a placing to the market at a premium to the share price.

Is there a potential buy out by companies in the market already? Following the fund raise is it a good entry point for new investors? What are your thoughts in reference to the European sales market? Let us know and comment via #lstctag and tag me in @slarratt1

Sound Energy PLC (SOU)

I have previously covered sound energy on ‘Steve Shares’ and again it has continued to be a hot topic across social media. With a major discovery and other drills planned and funded by external partners Schlumberger this looks like a company still driving forward in a highly productive area. With results due on their assets and further drills to do. What gains do you expect from this point? Do you think a potential take over or buy out of the field might occur?

If you are invested or interested in SOU please comment via #lstsou tag me in @slarratt1

My thought of the week

The summer slow down continues in the market and the school holidays are in full swing. How many people go away on holiday having been a slave to a wage to pay for their family break, don’t actually switch off from their investments? Are you sat at the side of the pool wishing you had your laptop to check up on your portfolio? Does this mean you aren’t comfortable with your choices, or do you just like seeing the RNS land that will show your company share price rise

Share Talk round up

This week on Conkers Corner
@conkers3 published his Conkers’ Corner interview with Phil Oakley. Phil is currently an Investment analyst at ShareScope but has an interesting and comprehensive cv having worked for BWD Rensburg, ABN AMRO Halbis Capital Management. After thirteen years working for stockbroking and Fund Management companies Phil knew that he wanted to educate private investors. In 2010 Phil went to work as the Senior Investment Writer for MoneyWeek magazine. He remained there for three years before being headhunted for his writing, research and analytical skills by Tim Clarke, the General Manager of ShareScope. Phil has been instrumental in helping the software designers at ShareScope put together both the more recent ShareScope evolving platform and the SharePad software platform. He has also been writing educational articles for the ShareScope website.

Listen now to gain insights into how Phil invests and learn from the lessons in his investing journey.

Listen to the interview here…

Interviews and updates

Noricum Gold Ltd
LSE Share Talk interviewed Greg Kuenzel the Managing Director of Noricum Gold Ltd. This follows Noricum’s RNS which announced that the area of mineralisation at the Kvemo Bolnisi target area is looking even better than first thought. In addition, it has signed an MOU with its local partner’s production companies, JSC RMG Gold and JSC RMG Copper outlining the terms for a mining and processing agreement for future production from its Georgian project using its partner’s infrastructure. During the interview Greg addresses concerns with regards to production and reiterates the long-term potential of Noricum’s now significant assets.

Listen to the interview here

MiningMaven Podcast No 38 with Greatland Gold, Directors Callum Baxter and Gervaise Heddle

LSE Share Talk presents Mining Mavens podcast. On the podcast are Greatland Gold Directors Callum Baxter and Gervaise Heddle.
Greatland Gold released news to market on Tuesday 9th August that planning has commenced for a comprehensive drilling programme at the companies Ernest Giles gold project in Central Western Australia; the region is home to several successful exploration discoveries such as Tropicana, which contains over 7 million ounces, and Yamarna, with over 6 million ounces.

Callum and Gervaise discuss their aims and expectations from this forthcoming campaign and the Callum gives us a good overview of the region. Essential listing for all Greatland Gold investors!

Listen to the podcast here

Mining Maven, podcast No 37 with BMR Group Chairman and CEO Alex Borrelli and mining operational director Jeremy Hawke.
LSE Share Talk presents Mining Mavens Podcast. On the podcast are BMR’s Chairman and CEO Alex Borrelli and mining operational director Jeremy Hawke.

BMR released news that on 5 August 2016 it entered into the anticipated off-take agreement on its Kabwe plant with African Compass International Limited a private South African group engaged in mining, energy and agri-business.

In today’s Podcast Alex and Jeremy expand on the terms and detail of the agreement and discussed the significance of this to the BMR Group going forward.

Listen to the interview here

Mkango Resources PLC

LSE Share Talk publishes a question and answers session to Mkango Resources PLC. The answers to many questions that have been presented to Share Talk over recent weeks are answered in an easy to read article. It shows the potential of the resources the company has to offer and the projects scope moving forward.

Read the article here

London South East’s Share Views – episode 2 – Gold special
LSE Share Talk presents The second episode of London South East’s ( new TV Show for Traders and Investors’ : Share Views’.

Amanda van Dyke, Fund Manager at Peterhouse Capital, is interviewed by Zak Mir for ‘Share Views’ – London South East’s ( weekly Trader and Private Investor show.

Listen to the interview here

My Investment Journey Part 4: Years 2000 to 2007 by Stock Whittler (@dosh100)

This interview is the fourth part of an investment journey of someone that has been through the ups and downs of the stock markets, gain an insight as to the longer game of investing.

Read the interview here

Interactive Hotspot
As previously mentioned I have had several individuals contact me in regards to several companies these will feature next week.

Whats on next week…

Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #lstwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for my following week…

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