Jeff Smith/Big Moose: The Everest climb continues!

So it’s been a little while since we updated you as to what is happening with Jeff as you may or may not know, he should probably be home or at least be on his way back home by now.

The above photo shows Jeff at the splendour of Camp 2 before he descended back to Base Camp last week after some of the guides were taken seriously ill.

Since then, a team of Ghurkas summited to fix the ropes required to guide what will now be a team of 3 aiming to summit Mount Everest. You can see a picture of Jeff below as he watches the Ghurkas from Base Camp on a telescope.

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Mr Smith is a very active individual (if you weren’t already aware!) and usually wakes at 5:30am, trains, works, does charitable projects, does family time, everything. Here at Base Camp he has had to take stock of their initial aborted attempt and wait patiently for news of when they can begin their ascent up the mountain. Not a normal state of affairs and one which I can only imagine has left the man very frustrated as he plays out the waiting game. Here is Jeff reflecting on his time at Base Camp.

So there you have it… still got plenty in the tank, if a little restless. I then pondered as to how long it would be before Jeff would actually be able to have another crack at it (or if he would even get the opportunity if truth be told)… then lo and behold… within another day or so… I only go and find out via Chloe (Jeff’s daughter) that he is about to start another summit climb already!

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As you can see from the pic above, this is where it gets pretty serious if it wasn’t already. Here are a couple more pics and a message from Jeff to get you in the mood…

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So we’re hoping Jeff will summit on either Thursday 25th or Friday 26th May (weather dependent).  One last phone call from Jeff below… and off he went… (we know he has reached Camp 2 safely and had a rest day yesterday (Monday).

Special thanks to Chloe Smith for sharing all this content with us so we can share it with you too.

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