How to build a £1 million portfolio

how to build a 1 million pound portfolio

There are six important steps you need to take when building a £1 million portfolio, in this report we discuss each in turn.

1- Start early. £1,000 invested at aged 20 compounding at 5% would be worth about £7,040 aged 60.  The same amount at the same rate but invested 10 years later would be worth about £4,322.  ie starting early gives a 63% better result.

2 – Save.  If you can only put away £10 a month you can create a portfolio.  Even if some months eg Christmas it is hard, make it an intention and the pot begins to build.

3 – Take advantage of capital accumulation moments.  Job changes with pay offs, bonuses, a win on the horses all of these can provide some funds for investment.

4 – I have made some good investments.  I have also made some bad ones.  But my worst losses are only 100%.  Whereas gainers can keep on rising.  I have, sadly, never bought a rocket ship which gains 100% overnight and then does it again next week.  But I have been able over the years to buy some businesses that have given 40% plus in a year and do that again.

5 – Learn when to cut your losses and run your winners.  Sometimes the market is wrong and we have a great idea that should be held and more bought.  But if your investment thesis is wrong recognise this and move on.

6 – Take advantage of the money the government gives you for free.  ISA’s, pensions etc can all be used to add to your gains.

Of these only item 1 is genuinely difficult to do.  If you are already 30 you cannot become 20.  But this only means that you need to do more of 2 – 6.  I absolutely do believe that anyone who wants to can invest well and can build their own portfolio and with it their financial security.

Article written by @jpsc01

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