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Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals (HEMO) is a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of its novel treatments which aim to transform the bone marrow transplantation procedure (BMT). A BMT is a potential life-saver for late-stage patients with blood diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma.


  • Two product candidates could revolutionise bone marrow transplants

    BMTs (a specialised type of cell therapy) are a last resort for blood cancer patients for whom traditional chemotherapy treatments have failed. But preparation of patients (‘conditioning’) and the bone marrow transplant itself can be harmful and have low rates of efficacy, respectively. HEMO’s novel products, for both the Conditioning and Cell Therapy steps look to address and mitigate the limitations and dangers involved to change the way such transplants are carried out and to ultimately prolong survival. Proof of principle for both products has been achieved, with defined preclinical milestones set for the next c.14 months.

  • Preclinical, immuno-oncology deals highlight upside potential

    Big pharma are increasingly looking to early stage candidates to fill their development pipelines, with immuno-oncology being a recent area of heightened interest. Recent in-licensing deals in the sector have seen upfront payments in the hundreds of millions of US dollars, with acquisitions and IPOs valued at over half a billion US dollars.

  • Shares look highly attractive on a risk/reward basis

    Hemogenyx is capitalised at just under £15 million & looks to us to be one of the lowest valued biopharma development plays on the whole of the market with an EV of less than £13 million. Our very conservative DCF based analysis of the Conditioning Product alone suggests an initial target price of 18.15p, implying 332% upside. We therefore initiate coverage of Hemogenyx with a Conviction Buy stance.


    Hemogenyx is a research client of Align Research. Align Research owns shares in Hemogenyx. For full disclaimer information please refer to the last page of the full document. This investment may not be suitable for your personal circumstances. If you are in any doubt as to its suitability you should seek professional advice. This note does not constitute advice and your capital is at risk. This is a marketing communication and cannot be considered independent research.




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Published on Feb 27, 2018

RNS EXCLUSIVE: HemoGenyx release successful CDX Antibody first data results

Dr Vladislav Sandler, Co-Founder and CEO of HemoGenyx Pharmaceuticals #LSE#HEMO discusses two major announcements with London South East.

1. First data results show that CDX antibodies have been successfully tested on real AML Leukemia cells. Dr Sandlar said he was ‘ecstatic’ when the results came through. These tests are specific to the blood cancer Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) in vitro.

2. HemoGenyx have been working with a new type of ‘humanised mice’ in these trials and have made a Patent application. These mice allow researchers to test and develop drugs in a much more efficient and fast way, in a live animal on a ‘human background’ using human cells which live inside that animal.

Dr Sandler hopes other organisations might use them for product development, other disease modelling and drug development and is in discussions with several organisations.

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