Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd (GMEL) Quarterly Report


The September Quarter continued a transformative year for GMEL, with the announcement of a subscription agreement and the commencement of a strategic relationship with leading rare earth company Shenghe Resources Holding (Shenghe).

The rare earth sector, by virtue of the extended industrial chain, necessitates that the mining end requires integration with strong downstream processing proficiency to create a strong business. This emphasizes the importance of aligning the Kvanefjeld Project with a strong global industrial partner.

Shenghe has strong competencies across all aspects of the rare earth industrial chain, and has an international customer base with a strong international growth strategy. Subject to shareholder approval, Shenghe, through its subsidiary Le Shan Shenghe Rare Earth Co., Ltd, will become a 12.5% shareholder in GMEL.

Together, GMEL and Shenghe aim to further lower the cost structure of GMEL’s 100% owned Kvanefjeld Project, ensure the project is optimally integrated with downstream processing, and ultimately develop the Project as a cornerstone to future international rare earth supply.

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