Google AI Briefly Describes Bitcoin as Collapsed Economic Bubble

Reports have documented the recent description of Bitcoin as comprising a “collapsed economic bubble” on the part of Google’s artificial intelligence (AI).

The bizarre depiction of the world’s first cryptocurrency came as a result of an edit made to Wikipedia classifying Bitcoin in said terms, with its author justifying such as representing “the majority view.”

Screenshots have shown that the world’s largest search engine, Google, briefly described Bitcoin as a “collapsed economic bubble.”

The obscure categorization of Bitcoin by Google’s results page was due to the search engine displaying a snippet from the description given on Wikipedia, which at the time asserted that “Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash,” adding that “The bitcoin market is widely viewed as a collapsed economic bubble as the price fell by 82% in the year ending December 2018.”

Said description of Bitcoin was penned by Wikipedia user “Smallbones’ on Dec. 12, who claimed that his edit greater reflected “the majority view” regarding the cryptocurrency. His edit, however, would not last, with fellow Wikipedia user ‘Bradv’ reversing Smallbones’ revision and requesting that the author stop inserting their personal point-of-view into the lede of the article.

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