Golden Metal Resources — The Answer To USA Tungsten Supply?

The stock market is a drab, boring place to be right now as a mining exploration investor but things are set to change with the London listing of Golden Metal Resources (ticker; GMT), a company which is focusing on four exciting projects in Nevada, U.S.A.

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The creation and listing of ‘GMT’ could play a massive role in the mineral security tug of war that the U.S is currently embroiled in with fellow powerhouses China, Russia etc.

Across the Golden Metal Resources’ portfolio, they are seeking discoveries of gold, silver and other precious metals but one thing stands out when you dig into the company’s assets — Pilot Mountain.

Why does America need home-produced tungsten?

The rising worldwide tensions with Russia and Ukraine in conflict whilst America and China posture over issues such as Taiwan’s independence from Beijing leave America in a very tricky position. They rely too heavily on China for metal imports such as tungsten, actual U.S production levels of tungsten are minuscule at best with no active mine currently up and running. Tungsten was recently added to the U.S critical mineral list, which is a nod from the government to acknowledge there is a potential future supply chain issue brewing.

How does GMT solve this?

There is no quick fix to this tungsten supply issue as mines do not come online overnight but GMT has the best opportunity to capitalise on the current geopolitical issues that threaten to cut the U.S supply of tungsten off entirely if a nation chooses to withhold supply. Pilot Mountain when in production would produce 25% of the product equivalent to that currently imported from China.

Golden Metal Resources are currently in the process of being listed on London’s stock exchange and plan expansion exploration programme’s to further add value and scale to the already mammoth Pilot Mountain deposit.

What else does GMT offer?

In short, a diversified package of Nevada, U.S focussed exploration targets.

The Golconda Summit project is a carlin-type potential near surface gold licence. All historic drilling on this tenement has been fairly shallow with only two holes reaching the appropriate depth to reach the Golconda thrust fault

The Garfield project is another high potential licence with copper, gold and silver as the targeted minerals. In 2016 one 22-metre trench was dug over part of the gossan returning an interval of 22 metres @ 0.33% copper.

Last but certainly not least is the Stonewall project which sit’s in the highly prospective Walker lake mineral belt with rock sampling and prospecting programmes planned imminently which will be mainly looking for gold and silver.

In Summary

I don’t get excited easily by companies, especially new listings but GMT is an extremely attractive proposition with highly talented CEO Oliver Friesen overseeing Power Metal Resources exploration management in the last 12–18 months I have no doubt Golden Metal Resources will have meticulous planning and preparation for further exploration and potential monetisation of Pilot Mountain.


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Author @BenGrahamStocks

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