Germany’s massive energy relief package has been delayed 18 months

Direct relief was promised to households but is delayed by ‘chaotic records keeping.

Germany admits it cannot provide emergency cash to families this winter in order to help them through the energy crisis.

Christian Lindner, Finance Minister, has promised a “massive relief package” to stop skyrocketing energy costs. However, Berlin admitted that it would not be able to provide direct assistance to households for at most a year and a half because of chaotic record keeping.

After a cabinet meeting at Schloss Meseberg (the retreat of the German chancellor), he stated that “the legislation is in place” and would soon be correct. However, then the technical implementation will start.

“The tax number must be combined with the IBAN (international banking account numbers). There are many IBANs to collect because there are so many Germans.

According to experts from my department, including the Federal Central Tax Office, it takes 18 to integrate all of this data. It’s more complicated than you might think.

These comments were made as Germany’s government attempts to work out details for a support package that will be available for the country in the winter.

Mr Lindner stated plans to support “in the single digit billion euro range” while allowing for the possibility of a “double-digit billion Euro amount” in the New Year. This second package would need the participation of each federal state.

Two relief packages totalling EUR30bn were previously offered by the German government.

German inflation increased to 8.8pc in August, a record for the country. This was mainly due to rising food and energy prices which rose by 35.6pc each and 16.6pc, respectively. As Germany struggles to wean itself, prices are likely to continue to rise.

Gazprom, a Russian-state-owned company, has stopped gas supply to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline this week in order to make repairs. Gazprom stated that the pipeline would be shut down for three days.

Robert Habeck, Economics Minister, has stated that Germany’s gas tanks have been filled before winter. This is to reduce fears that German industry might be forced to reduce its energy consumption and cut production.

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