Geoenergo denies pressure on Arso – Ascent Resources PLC (AIM:AST)

Geoenergo, owned by Petrol and Nafta Lendava, today denied information about the pressure to obtain permits for pumping gas at Petišovsko polje. The press release stated that they are striving for the transparency and legality of all procedures conducted by the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (Arso).

Ascent Resources ask shareholders for the ability to raise funds


In an exclusive interview with London South East, Ascent Resources CEO Colin Hutchinson talked through the latest RNS’s to be released by the Slovenian gas producer.

According to their assurances regarding the acquisition of environmental decisions in connection with the exploitation of natural gas, none of the partners involved in the project ever exerted any pressure.

“Communication on social networks, which has been exposed in the media and shows the frustration of alleged shareholders, is clearly the result of an unreasonably long process, and there is no official communication from any of the partners in the project, and we kindly condemn and distort this kind of communication” wrote in Geoener, the holder of an energy project in Petišovci, adding that the British company Ascent Resources has repeatedly called on its shareholders not to communicate in such a way.

In the following, they explained that the procedure for the issuance of an environmental permit for the purification of natural gas in the area of the Murska depression Arso has been running since June 2014, while the Environmental Protection Act provides for a six-month deadline for issuing such a decision.

They also warned that the previous procedure for carrying out hydraulic fracturing on two wells is almost a year and a half, while the law provides for a two-month deadline.

The new device will reduce dependence on gas imports
In Geoener, they reiterated the claims that the installation of a new natural gas cleansing plant is in the strategic interest of Slovenia, as it means reducing the dependence on gas imports, and at the same time the mentioned device will meet all the highest environmental standards. This facility will also allow the gas to be discharged into the public network, which will also be an important step towards reducing dependence on gas imports.

Geoenergo also insists that the “hydraulic stimulation” in Petišovsko polje is not a new method of gas extraction, but a stable mining process since 1956.

In mid-October, Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning Jure Leben ordered internal control over the work of Ars, in order to examine in detail the two procedures that the Agency conducted in connection with the planned gas extraction in the area of Petišovci. Among other things, they are to find out “whether there was no inappropriate pressure on employees”.

An environmental permit for the operation of a refinery for the purification of natural gas is necessary because it can cause pollution of a large scale environment. In the previous procedure, however, Arso concludes that the hydraulic stimulation should at all be carried out an environmental impact assessment and obtain an environmental consent.

Due to delays in the processing of the application, Ascent Resources threatened with the proceedings before the EU Court of Justice, and on the social networks there were threats of the alleged shareholders of Lebnu.

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