Genflow Biosciences (LON:GENF) International patent application

Patent portfolio strengthened with international patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty

Genflow (LSE: GENF), is pleased to announce that it has filed an international patent application in the US under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”) related to variants of Sirtuin-6 (“SIRT6”), and the gene variant’s therapeutic uses in the regulation of aging and for the treatment and prevention of age-related diseases (the “Application”).

The patent has been filed jointly with the University of Rochester, a prestigious private research university in New York, and Genflow holds the exclusive licence through Genflow Biosciences SRL (the Company’s Belgian subsidiary). The Application claims priority from the provisional application US 63/188,573 of May 14, 2021. Full details of the exclusive licence are set out in the Company’s prospectus which can be found on its website.

The Company believes that the invention set out in the Application has the potential to enhance both health-span and, possibly, life expectancy. The SIRT6 gene variant found in centenarians (people aged more than 100 years old) has demonstrated significant capabilities in epigenetic tissue rejuvenation and therefore, constitutes an excellent target to prevent and treat age-related diseases. The ability of SIRT6 to act on the rejuvenation of cells is indicative of the SIRT6 gene mutation’s potential to not just halt the aging process, but to reverse it.

The filing will strengthen Genflow’s intellectual property portfolio establishing a patent footprint for the Company in the US and internationally. By filing an ‘international’ patent application with the PCT Genflow is allowed to seek patent protection for the relevant invention simultaneously in a large number of countries. In addition, use of the PCT will reduce administration for the Company and lead to lower costs and moreover, support the Company’s decisions concerning the prosecution of the application before different national patent offices in the PCT National Phase of processing.

This Application is in addition to a previously filed patent application for the method of administration and delivery of the Company’s product into humans and dogs, using Genflow’s lead compound, GF-1002, a recombinant self-complementary adeno-associated virus (“AAV”).

Dr Eric Leire, Founder and CEO of Genflow, said: “I am proud of the excellent progress that Genflow has made by filing the patent and we look forward to contributing to the growing body of research on longevity, while also enhancing our patent portfolio. This marks a significant step in strengthening our IP position.”

For further information please contact:

Genflow Biosciences Plc

Dr Eric Leire

Chief Executive

via Tancredi +44 203 434 2330

About Genflow

Genflow is a UK-based biotechnology company established in 2020. The Company is developing gene therapies designed to target the aging process and to reduce and delay the incidence of age-related diseases. This will be done through novel therapeutics targeting aging in humans by using adeno-associated virus (“AAV”) vectors to deliver copies of the Sirtuin-6 (“SIRT6”) gene variant that is found in centenarians into cells.

Its mission is to increase understanding of the factors that control and impact lifespan. Genflow researches, develops, and commercialises therapeutic solutions to lengthen health span, the amount of time we live in good health, creating biological interventions that enable longer and healthier lives. Genflow is dedicated to the development and commercialisation of novel therapeutics targeting aging in dogs and humans. By treating aging, Genflow can contribute to a decrease in healthcare costs and lessen the emotional and societal burden that comes with an aging population.

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