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Spotify has officially gone public at a $30b valuation
After months of anticipation, the music streaming giant made its debut as a public company via an unconventional direct listing, which ended up valuing the firm at $30b on opening day. Despite going public, the company isn’t actually selling any shares directly on the stock market, due to its unconventional listing strategy.Emmanuel Macron dives deep on France’s AI strategy
Earlier this year, the French president outlined his country’s roadmap for research and development in AI to group of government officials and investors. The country is aiming to become a world power in artificial intelligence (along with China and the US), and has announced an investment of $1.85b in the sector over the next five years.This is what it’s like working with Sequoia as an investor
Mathilde Colin, CEO of Sequoia-backed startup Front, reveals why taking funding from Sequoia can be so valuable for founders. Most notably, Colin found that she unexpectedly received a significant amount of help with hiring and building out her team, in addition to personal coaching that helped her grow professionally and develop as a CEO.

Here’s how Mobike turned a crazy idea into a $3b startup in just 3 years
In less than three years, Chinese startup Mobike went from being an unknown entity in the country’s tech ecosystem, to one of its rising (and most well-funded) stars. The firm was most recently valued at $3b, and is now set to be acquired by Chinese tech giant Meituan. This breakout success was made possible by CEO Hu Weiwei’s rapid-growth strategy, which appears to have paid off so far.

Fear can both hurt and help entrepreneurs – here’s how to use it to your advantage
Fear of failure is often a driving force for entrepreneurs, but it can be a damaging one if not managed correctly. According to the Harvard Business Review, emotional intelligence is a critical ingredient to effectively managing stress, and the importance of relying on one’s intuition to solve complex strategic problems is necessary as well.

TransPod is aiming to raise $50m this year to take on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop
TransPod is shaping up to be the first serious competitor to Elon Musk’s hyperloop efforts, as it is targeting a $50m funding round later this year to help it accelerate development of its first prototype. TransPod posits that their solution is more regulation-oriented (and purportedly more feasible from an engineering perspective) than other hyperloop designs invented so far.

Meet the 36 women that are shaking up the Silicon Valley VC world
In an industry that’s long been dominated by males, these female VCs are disrupting the landscape and making significant investments in emerging technologies. This year’s list features a wide range of investors – from VCs running their own boutique firms, to partners at firms like Sequoia with billions under management.

Apple is reportedly working on designs “like we’ve never seen” for the next iPhone
According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple is working on bringing cutting-edge technology to its next generation of iPhones – including touchless gesture control, and potentially even holographic displays. In addition, some anonymous sources are claiming that a curved screen is in the works, which would be ideal for a touchless display system.

Abu Dhabi Financial Group has acquired a strategic stake in 500 Startups
After enduring a difficult year in 2017, the venture fund and accelerator 500 Startups has just landed a strategic investment from Abu Dhabi Financial Group. The stake will give ADFG a seat on 500 Startups’ board, and in return, 500 Startups will receive a “substantial amount of capital” to accelerate growth on some of its key initiatives in emerging markets.

How to write about your work and achieve true mastery in any field
Writing about one’s work should be a high priority for founders. Not only is it an excellent way to document the process of growing one’s company, but it also forces one to clarify one’s own thinking on any given topic. Writing about one’s work is a great way to raise exposure, get noticed as a subject matter expert, and achieve true mastery in your craft all at once.


  • Brinc has just launched a free cashflow tool for hardware founders. Link
  • Y-Combinator member New Story Charity is creating 3D-printed homes for the developing world. Link
  • Available now for just $1: Dan Andrew’s new “Before The Exit: Thought Experiments For Entrepreneurs” book. Link
  • Google’s machine learning software can now organize ramen by shop. Link
  • Microsoft is now offering AI courses as an accredited skill for your CV. Link
  • Alibaba is reportedly preparing to make a landmark investment in Grab. Link
  • Meituan has just acquired Chinese bike-sharing giant Mobike for $2.7b in cash. Link
  • This serial entrepreneur is revealing everything he knows about getting VC funding. Link
  • Stripe launches ‘Stripe Billing’, a better way to build a recurring revenue business. Link
  • Customer Support app HelpScout is working on a live chat app. Link
  • Apple has just poached Google’s former head of AI to shape its machine learning strategy. Link
  • Slack Promotes April Underwood to Chief Product Officer. Link
  • Event-based email for SaaS app is offering 30% off today. Link
  • Brian Dean of Backlinko reviews 188 SEO tools. Link


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