FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up,16th February 2019

The next wave of unicorn startups will likely look far different than today’s standouts
Uber and Airbnb were some of the first breakout internet startups, but their successors will likely have far different business models targeting industries that are ripe for disruption (such as agriculture and life sciences).

All Things Sales! Check out these 16 mini-lessons for startup founders
This video series from a16z general partner Peter Levine covers the key sales skills every entrepreneur needs to know, and outlines how to leverage them successfully in the marketplace. From defining sales channels to building a sales org, it’s all covered here.

For these founders, being Australia’s first tech billionaires has been a strange experience
In just a few short years, Atlassian has rocketed to become Australia’s first true startup success story. It’s also made its founders the continent’s first tech billionaires – and they’re now using their newfound success to wield both political and economic power.

What’s a startup vs a lifestyle business – and why it matters for VCs
Lifestyle businesses are often misconstrued as startups, and vice-versa. With that in mind, it’s important to understand the numerous nuances between the two models – particularly from the VC perspective as a potential investment.

Here’s every founder’s guide to coming up with vision and strategy
This is a dead-simple guide to aligning with your team on a vision and strategy for your startup, starting with a competitive analysis of the market and going all the way to forecasting the future viability of one’s business model.

This startup is nearly a unicorn – and it’s led by a 27 year old female CEO
Zilingo is well on its way to becoming the latest unicorn in Asia’s burgeoning ecommerce industry. Led by ex-Sequoia veteran Ankiti Bose, the platform is now one of the largest online fashion marketplaces in the region.

Kevin Rose on the next wave of consumer apps and the future of podcasting
In this excellent interview, Kevin Rose and Om Malik discuss what’s needed for the next wave of consumer apps to arrive, and what he believes the next big development in the podcast industry will be (hint: it’s all about discovery).

Softbank set out to disrupt the VC world – here’s how they did it
Softbank’s Vision Fund is by all measures the largest VC fund in the world. Led by the charismatic Masayoshi Son, the Japanese investment fund is transforming the way startups take on funding – and it’s forcing the competition to evolve in order to keep up.

BotList’s co-founder shares his startup lessons learned from working on a farm
In this humorous and insightful piece, BotList co-founder Seth Louey reveals the key lessons he learned while growing up on a farm – including why your tools can kill you if you don’t use them correctly.

Gumroad’s CEO reflects on his failure to build a billion-dollar company
Gumroad CEO Sahil Lavingia started his company with the intention of turning into a billion-dollar business, but reality turned out to be different. The business was forced to lay off the majority of its staff to remain profitable, but there were a number of actionable insights learned along the way.


  • These 50 startups could be this year’s next unicorns.  Link
  • Zilingo has just raised $226M in Series D funding from Sequoia and others.  Link
  • Amazon is reportedly acquiring home wifi startup Eero.  Link
  • Here’s Kara Swisher’s insightful interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.  Link
  • Calculate your startup’s potential profitability with this simple calculator.  Link
  • SoftBank is set to invest $940M into autonomous delivery startup Nuro.  Link
  • The 2018 Stratechery Year in Review.  Link
  • Here’s how to leverage SEO topic clusters.  Link
  • Figma has just landed $40M in Series C funding for its collaborative design platform.  Link
  • Mattermark is re-launching as an independent company.  Link
  • This is a great deep dive into what’s really changed in venture capital this year.  Link



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