FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up,11th January 2019

Khosla Ventures’ Vinod Khosla on how to build the future
In this interview, Y Combinator CEO Sam Altman dives deep with Khosla on how to design products for the future, and why building a phenomenal team is one of the most important tasks every founder should prioritize.

Check out this roundup of stories on how not to launch a new product
All too often, startup founders hear stories of success – but not enough of us actually take the time to analyze startup failures as well. This curated list of startup failures will help you identify potential pitfalls for your own platform or product, and avoid them accordingly.

For entrepreneurs, there’s one key difference between weak and strong technologies
Technologies often arrive in pairs – a weak form, and a strong one. They often evolve in a predictable hype cycle, and ironically enough, it often results in “weaker” platforms becoming more successful. This isn’t a coincidence, and it represents a great opportunity for founders to capitalize on.

Lime’s Emily Warren on rapid expansion and regulatory struggles
In this interview, Lime’s Director of Policy Affairs speaks on the regulatory hurdles the mobility industry is facing right now, and how the scooter startup has scaled to operate in more than 100 cities in just over a year.

From Prototype to $1 Million Run Rate in Less Than 1 Year with ISM’s Justin Kwong
The latest episode of Ryan Robinson’s podcast is packed with insights on how to scale an e-commerce brand, using ISM founder Justin Kwong as the prime example of how to build an online e-commerce business effectively.

The rise of the transformer startups
Startups used to pursue growth at all costs, but that paradigm is starting to shift. More startups are pursuing sustainable growth and modest profits as an alternative, and are focusing on growing instead of just raising funding.

Several data points are suggesting the IPO market as we know it may never come back
Compared to the tech bubble of the mid 2010s, the IPO market is tepid at present. Startups are now taking an average of 10.1 years to go public, and this time is up significantly from just 6.9 years just over five years ago.

Here’s why your company is really a product for your employees
Thinking of one’s company as a product for employees is an interesting heuristic for identifying non-obvious bottlenecks or process breakdowns. Founders should think of themselves as the “product manager” for their organization, and lead it accordingly.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is getting serious about national security for his next act
Two years removed from his unceremonious departure from Facebook, Palmer Luckey is ready for his next venture – a defense startup that uses big data analytics to give military members enhanced awareness of their surroundings.

Here’s how to choose a great startup to work for
This is an actionable breakdown of what to look for when you’re searching for a startup job. These strategies should also serve as useful reminders to founders of how to attract (and keep) qualified talent as well.


  • Here’s a Trello board with 100 tried-and-tested user acquisition tactics.  Link
  • Open-source monetization startup Tidelift has just raised $25M in Series B funding.  Link
  • Meet Founder Stuff, the resources directory for founders.  Link
  • Lightspeed has just closed on a new $560M fund for China.  Link
  • Fintech startup Plaid will be acquiring competitor Quovo for $200M.  Link
  • TinySeed applications are opening on January 18th.  Link
  • Here’s how Monzo thinks about career progression for its employees.  Link
  • Tesla’s new factory in China is breaking ground today.  Link
  • An Alibaba veteran is launching a brand new $200M VC fund for Southeast Asia.  Link
  • Bird is reportedly set to raise another $300M in funding this year.  Link



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