FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up 9th Nov 2018

Inside the VC hierarchy of funding and fundraising
This piece is an in-depth guide to how VCs think about potential investments, and how founders should position themselves when on the hunt for new funding (from VCs or otherwise).

German startups are learning to fail – and that’s a good thing
Increasingly, German startups are starting to emulate Silicon Valley in their risk-taking and tolerance for failure.  Driven by grassroots efforts in the starting community, it’s encouraging founders in Germany to become more ambitious than ever.

One Silicon Valley VC explains why he’s more likely to meet with female founders
In a push towards gender equality, many VC are increasingly seeking out meetings with female founders.  This conversation with VC Josh Felser reveals why gender bias isn’t just immoral – but bad for business as well.

Take a look at all of the companies participating in YC’s 24th accelerator program
Y Combinator’s 24th accelerator program is filled with a more diverse range of companies than ever.  Half of the companies have founders from diverse backgrounds, and nearly a quarter are involved in crypto in some way.

ConsenSys has just acquired asteroid mining startup Planetary Resources
In what might just be the most unexpected startup acquisition of the year, crypto giant ConsenSys has just acquired asteroid mining startup Planetary Resources in an effort to further democratize the space industry.

Here’s why legal problems forced these founders to shut down their $110K/month food startup
In this interview, the founders of food startup Chowdy discuss how legal problems can quickly sneak up on any startup, and why it’s important to anticipate them in advance – instead of letting them lead to one’s demise.

How a Middle East startup took on Uber, and won
Several years ago, Uber seemed poised to take over the world.  But in the Middle East it met a formidable competitor in Careem, a Dubai-based startup that has managed to win in the market.  Here’s how they did it.

Here are the top five things founders can learn at Y Combinator’s startup school
Y Combinator’s startup school is legendary, and for good reason.  In this place, Ali Mir (co-founder of Heapclub) discusses his top takeaways from the experience, and why it’s valuable for new and experienced entrepreneurs alike.

Brian Singerman is now Founders Fund’s top power player – here’s how he got there
Peter Thiel was long the public leader of Founders Fund, but VC Brian Singerman now arguably holds that role.  With more exits in the past half-decade than any of his colleagues, Singerman is now making a name for himself as an investor in his own right.

Why today’s entrepreneurs should really think about transformation, instead of disruption
Today’s framework for innovation requires innovators to attack incumbents to achieve success in the market – but that doesn’t have to be the case.  By focusing on transformation instead of pure disruption, founders can work with incumbents to innovate and move faster than ever.


Monzo has officially become Europe’s newest unicorn

Morgan Stanley is investing millions in the startup that helped break the Panama Papers

This is a great YouTube Q&A with Basecamp co-founder Jason Fried

Uber is now introducing an Amazon Prime-Style subscriptions service

Use these reading hacks to consume content more efficiently than ever

This a great curated directory of 400+ government grants for startups

Carpooling startup Scoop has just announced a new partnership with Lyft

Here’s an actionable guide for acing the Y Combinator interview process

Brazilian entrepreneurs have created an ingenious device for reforestation

Bytedance has just secured funding at a record $75b valuation


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