FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up, 8th March 2019

In its largest-ever acquisition, Airbnb will be acquiring last-minute hotel booking platform HotelTonight.

Zuckerberg wants Facebook to emulate China’s WeChat – but can it?
This week Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced a plan to turn Facebook into a WeChat-like service that spans everything from privacy to payments, but many are skeptical he can pull it off.

15 lessons learned from ConvertKit’s first $15M in ARR
ConvertKit’s founders just passed the $15M ARR mark for the first time ever, but the road to getting there wasn’t easy. In addition to focusing their product vision along the way, they also had to decide whether or not to raise funding.

These are the most critical growth stacks to have in 2019
This is an excellent deep dive on the key things every marketer should have in their toolkit – from analytics platforms like Mixpanel and GA to ad networks like Facebook and AdWords.

Before asking for money, it’s usually helpful to understand how VC really works
Particularly in emerging markets, too many founders embark on raising VC funding without understanding how it works. This piece demystifies that and explains what budding entrepreneurs need to keep their eyes on when evaluating deal terms.

Airbnb is acquiring hotel book platform HotelTonight for nearly $500M
In its largest-ever acquisition, Airbnb will be acquiring last-minute hotel booking platform HotelTonight. To prepare for the deal, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky spent several weeks booking and living in HotelTonight properties.

Here’s how Pioneer Square Labs is invigorating Seattle’s startup ecosystem
Pioneer Square is a startup studio in Seattle that’s done wonders for the region’s ecosystem. Here’s the story of how it went from just several VCs in a coworking space to a team of more than 20+.

As a founder, sometimes it’s better to just do less
When scaling a startup and entering hypergrowth mode for the first time, it can be tempting to hire plenty of employees and raise lots of funding. But as this piece points out, that’s not always a good thing.

Brian Jackson on his 5 biggest lessons learned through failure as a marketer
This is an excellent recap of the most common mistakes made by marketing entrepreneurs on a daily basis, and how to solve for them while still growing your business.

How a missing letter helped create a tech billionaire
This is the inspiring story of how entrepreneur Scott Farquhar got set on the path to founding Atlassian, the Australia-based tech startup that’s now worth more than $25B.

These are the 30 key questions to ask before joining a startup
Evaluating an unproven startup is always difficult, no matter how promising it might be. This guide offers some helpful heuristics for evaluating prospective companies, even if their future path isn’t yet clear.


  • Y Combinator is launching Startup School: Advisor Edition  Link
  • Grab has landed an additional $1.5B in funding from SoftBank’s Vision Fund.  Link
  • Meet Notion, the collaboration tool for agile teams.  Link
  • YC’s latest moonshot bet is a $380K flying motorcycle.  Link
  • Erik Torenberg on careers, startups, and more.  Link
  • Square co-founder Tristan O’Tierney has passed away at 35.  Link
  • Here are the top ten books every startup founder should read.  Link
  • SoftBank is launching an Innovation Fund and committing $2B to Latin America.  Link
  • Sea is raising up to $1.5B in funding for its Shopee e-commerce platform.  Link
  • Scooter startup Bird is getting ready for international expansion.  Link



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