FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up, 5th January 2019

Looking back on the state of startups and VC in 2018
This is a great retrospective on the key developments in the venture capital and startup industries last year, from the rise of “mega rounds” to the impacts of the global trade war on startup activity in the US and China.

Meet the $800M startup trying to pull an Uber on the trucking business
Transfix is a startup that’s already raked in $100M in revenue this year, and it has aimed to grow even bigger in the year ahead. It’s looking to become an Uber-like solution for the logistics industry, providing access to trucking through a mobile application.

Here’s how this entrepreneur bootstrapped his startup from zero to $100M in revenue
This is the story of how Reverie founder Martin Rawls-Meehan used performance hacking techniques to found his first sleep technology startup and then scaled it to more than $100M in annual revenue.

Investors and entrepreneurs need to address the mental health crisis in startup culture
There’s a growing mental health crisis in the global startup community, and founders and investors alike need to do a better job of educating their peers on the importance of maintaining a healthy mental state – particularly in the early stages of founding a new venture.

What I learned about procrastination while scaling my startup to 4.2M users
Procrastination is a hidden trap that’s all too easy to fall into. In this piece, Aytekin Tank speaks on the painful lessons on procrastination that he learned while building his business, and how to overcome the pitfalls of procrastination to ensure new projects stay on time and on budget.

This is a great guide to using mantras for aligning your team on a common goal
Mantras are an often-overlooked way to get your team pumped up and aligned on a common vision. They also provide a useful forcing function to define your startup’s value to customers, as well as align on key decision-making principles.

Here’s why non-technical founders should still learn to hack
This is a classic post from YC founder Sam Altman on the importance of learning technical skills, even if you’re not a technical founder. It’s easier than you think – and it’ll help you understand your business at a deeper level than ever.

VCs are eying late-stage startup deals in 2019 more than ever
Mega rounds became a common funding route for VCs last year, and early investment indicators are pointing to more of the same this year from the likes of SoftBank Ventures, Mithril Capital, and others.

Magic Leap (and other AR startups) could have a rough year ahead of them
Despite the hype around AR technology, the reality is that many startups in the space may have a difficult time taking off in 2019. This is due to a lack of consumer appetite for AR content (as of yet), as well as platform fundamentals that are still in the early stages of getting worked out.

Seven entrepreneurs reveal their startup survival kits for 2019
This is an insightful roundup of the key tools and strategies that seven entrepreneurs are using to stay afloat and grow their businesses in the year ahead – from strategic planning tools to new methods of finding funding, there’s a lot covered here.


  • Mary Meeker’s new VC fund, Bond, has a target raise of $1.25B.  Link
  • ConvertKit has launched a new series of email signup forms and templates for startups. Link
  • CarePredict has just raised $9.5M in funding for its AI wearables business.  Link
  • Check out ImageFree, a new way to get thousands of images for your startup – for free.  Link
  • This health startup is letting its users monetize their DNA.  Link
  • Meet the ten SaaS platforms that shone in 2018.  Link
  • Trello has acquired Butler to beef up its automation capabilities.  Link
  • This is a great explainer of TikTok, one of the fastest-growing startups in the world.  Link
  • These were the best 10 podcasts of last year for branding and startup marketing.  Link
  • Here’s exactly how much Facebook knows about you.  Link


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