FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up, 5th April 2019

Buffer takes a rigorous approach to its digital marketing efforts, and it’s paid off – in just a few years, it’s already scaled to $19M of recurring revenue.

Andreessen Horowitz is blowing up the venture capital model – again
This legendary venture capital firm is re-registering all of its partners as financial advisors, opening the door to closer collaboration between funds and more bets on emerging industries moving forward.

Here’s what seven years at Airbnb taught one engineer about building a company
The experience of rapidly scaling any startup is just as valuable as any MBA. In this piece, one of Airbnb’s earliest engineers reveals the key lessons learned during his time scaling the platform, and why you should think of organizational design as a product.

Lambda School is paying students to learn the highest-paying skills in the world
Lambda School has rapidly become one of the most admired startups in Silicon Valley through its innovative business model, which has the potential to disrupt higher education as we know it.

Performance data, and the “Babe Ruth” effect in startup investing
This is a classic read from Andreessen Horowitz on how skewed data can impact investors’ decision to back a given startup, and why “striking out” is an essential part of the VC game.

Meet the people behind Bytedance’s global app factory
Bytedance is the China-based company between viral hit TikTok. Once a plucky startup, it’s rapidly grown in recent years, and this month its global headcount surpassed that of Facebook.

Ahead of its time and behind the curve: how Evernote failed to realize its potential
Great timing was critical to Evernote’s early success, but over time, the company lost sight of its original vision. This misalignment with core values almost sank the company, and Evernote’s management team learned some valuable lessons in the process.

Here are the top global SaaS trends you should know this year
Google’s Cloud team is at the forefront of SaaS innovation, and its VP recently sat down with SaaStr to discuss key trends in the industry and his advice for non-technical founders in the space.

Clearbanc plans to disrupt venture capital with the “20-Minute Term Sheet”
Clearbanc’s platform gives founders a funding alternative to the traditional VC route, and it’s launching a new initiative to invest in promising e-commerce business that has solid fundamentals.

Learn how Buffer is using digital marketing to rapidly scale its business
Buffer takes a rigorous approach to its digital marketing efforts, and it’s paid off – in just a few years, it’s already scaled to $19M of recurring revenue. Here’s how the startup uses its marketing efforts to drive engagement and lead volume.

Founders exposed: opening up about startup failures and vulnerability
Startup life isn’t all about crushing goals and landing new funding. More often than not, it also involves epic failure – but being honest about this fact will help accelerate the recovery and learning processes in tandem.


  • AngelList is launching a new fund for Indian startups.  Link
  • Amazon is getting ready to deploy a global fleet of low-cost internet satellites.  Link
  • WeWork has just acquired Managed by Q as it expands beyond office leases.  Link
  • This is a great podcast with legendary entrepreneur and investor Brian Singerman.  Link
  • Affirm has just closed its Series F funding round and added a PayPal exec to its board.  Link
  • Intel Capital is investing $117M in more than a dozen startups.  Link
  • Uber is opening an APAC office in Singapore, even after exiting the market.  Link
  • Google is shutting down its AI ethics council after widespread criticism.  Link
  • Here are all the new products Snap announced at its first partner conference.  Link
  • Privacy-focused startup Transcend has just raised $4M in funding from Accel Partners.  Link



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