FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up, 21st December 2018

Here’s how SMB Tech startups created $200B of market value in just 8 years
Many VCs have been heavily invested in the SMB tech startup space for years, and now their bets are paying off. With more than $200B in market value created in recent years, Salesforce and others are now riding high.

Inside James Dyson’s quest to build Dyson’s first electric car
After decades spent transforming the household appliance industry, industry legend James Dyson is now looking to build an innovative electric car that will rival Tesla in both performance and price – but it’s a high-risk business.

The Founders Guide to Discipline: lessons from Front’s Mathilde Collin
This is a great roundup of key lessons about learned by Front as it scaled from a tiny startup into a 100-person, $80M ARR business – including why when starting a new venture, vision without discipline is nothing.

Facebook’s privacy missteps are finally beginning to catch up with it
New revelations this week have revealed that Facebook gave several tech giants (like Spotify and others) far more access to user data than previously known – marking the latest misstep in what has been a tumultuous year for the social network.

Earnest Capital shares its learnings from building a new funding model for bootstrappers
Earnest Capital launched its Shared Earnings Agreement funding model earlier this month, and in this post, the fund dives deep on its key learnings from the process of designing an entirely new funding model.

Here’s how Stilt, a fintech startup launched by international students, finally got into YC
This is an insightful read on what it’s actually like to launch a tech startup in the US as an immigrant – and how one duo of international students built a fast-growing startup that just got accepted into Y Combinator.

Grab is messing up the world’s largest mapping community’s data in Southeast Asia
One of the fastest-growing startups in Asia, Grab ran into a snag this month when it discovered that an outsourced mapping team had overwritten existing mapping data with incorrect information – rendering some parts of its navigation system useless.

Alphabet’s hot salt energy-storage project becomes its own company
Alphabet X has just launched its newest energy project, Malta, which promises to transform the energy industry through cheaply storing massive amounts of fossil energy as heat in molten salt.

Here’s how Chris Herbert has just raised more than $60M in funding for his startup
Entrepreneur Chris Herbert has successfully raised more than $60M in funding for his startup, Shine, and in this blog post he details how he did it – and there’s even a free Trello board to track your own funding workflow as well.

Google’s Project Dragonfly has reportedly all but shut down amid internal conflict
After numerous clashes at the executive level over the past month, Google’s search engine in China has been effectively shuttered. Public outcry mounted earlier in the year over privacy concerns, and Google’s leadership has been divided over how to proceed.


  • Elon Musk’s SpaceX is raising a new round of $500M in funding.  Link
  • After $130M in funding, AR startup Blippar has collapsed.  Link
  • Tel Aviv is building a city-sized sandbox for urban tech startups.  Link
  • Softbank is leading a $385M bet on subscription car startup Fair.  Link
  • Housejoy has just raised $3.24M in bridge funding to help it build its platform.  Link
  • Zymergen has just landed $400M in funding, led by Softbank’s Vision Fund.  Link
  • Chinese bike-sharing startup, once worth millions, is now on the verge of bankruptcy.  Link
  • Here are the top seven digital privacy tools founders need to be using right now. Link
  • Meet Under a Rock, an entirely new way to aggregate and read tech news.  Link
  • Here’s why China’s electric car industry is leaving Japan and Germany in the dust. Link


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