FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up, 19th April 2019

Here are 11 profound lessons for angel investors
This is a great compilation of some insightful lessons for new and seasoned angel investors alike – covering everything from judging the markets accurately to why raw power often beats contracts.

a16z partner Jeff Jordan on the Pinterest IPO
Pinterest’s IPO was one of the most notable so far this year, and its success in going public is largely attributable to finding a solid product-market fit early on in its lifecycle.

Here’s what Unsplash costs to run in 2019
After three years of gathering data, Unsplash’s executive team has released an unprecedented look into what it costs to run the startup, and how they’ve scaled while keeping costs low.

15 months of fresh hell inside Facebook
This is an in-depth look into the past year and a half at Facebook, which has gone from being a darling of the tech industry to being blacklisted by many after numerous privacy scandals.

The case against email sign-in for startups
Email sign-in is common functionality for most web apps, but there are valid reasons to not include it – including engineering resource management and the fact that better solution (like OAuth) are already available on the market.

The rumored roots of Alibaba’s results: a ‘996’ work culture
Alibaba’s meteoric rise to success has been impressive, but it’s come at a cost. This week the company’s CEO, Jack Ma, made controversial statements imploring all employees to work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to fuel its growth.

On Disney and why the future of TV is unbundled content
This week’s arrival of Disney+ to the streaming market has underscored a shift in the streaming industry that is skewing more towards unbundled content on a small number of platforms, rather than large networks.

Read this great framework for living a values-driven life as a founder
Every founder should take the time to read this piece and reflect on their own values. This is an essential way to keep your business aligned with your own set of values.

Safety over scale: meet the ride-sharing startups taking on Uber and Lyft
Uber and Lyft, long the incumbents of the ride-sharing space, are facing new competition from a new set of startups that are targeting specific consumer niches for their own ride-sharing services.

Check out this analytics stack every startup should implement on day one
Startups that are just getting started with their own in-house analytics capabilities would do well to consider a combination of Mixpanel and Segment for measuring their internal performance.


  • Mercury is opening a bank for startups, funded by a16z.  Link
  • Airbnb is leading a $160M investment in business travel startup Lyric.  Link
  • Zoom soared more than 70% during its IPO this week.  Link
  • Sequoia India’s Surge has just unveiled its first batch of startups.  Link
  • Movo grabs $22.5M to scale its scooter-sharing service in South America.  Link
  • An AI brain has just learned how to invent a whole new sport.  Link
  • Max Lechin-backed Returnly has raised $29M to take on the returns industry.  Link
  • Paystack and Lambda School are launching an initiative to empower developers in West Africa.  Link
  • Here are some great services and resources for online education startups.  Link
  • CloudBees has acquired software automation startup Electric Cloud.  Link



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