FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up 16th Nov 2018

The red flags and magic numbers investors look for in your startup’s metrics
This guide from Andreessen Horowitz walks founders through the most important metrics to focus on for their business, particularly when seeking funding – ranging from customer acquisition cost to monthly active users (MAUs).

Before selling to IBM for billions, Red Hat started out in its cofounder’s closet
This a great recap of Red Hat’s founding story.  The open-source enterprise software company began life as a humble startup, and recently announced that it would be acquired by IBM for more than $34B.

Here’s why entering with a lack of market need is one of the most deadly sins a startup can commit
One of the most common reasons startups fall is entering a market that’s not asking for a solution.  Understanding a market’s need prior to building one’s solution is critical to success, whether it’s online or off.

A Chinese startup’s new robots are invading classrooms around the world
Shenzhen-based Makeblock is now $367M startup, and the company’s educational robots are now becoming commonplace in schools around the world.  After graduating from the HAX accelerator, the company is now embarking on its most ambitious expansion plan yet.

How one founder shipped his micro startup in less than 10 hours
Entrepreneur Julien Vallini recently build a web app for surfacing niche job boards – and he did it in less than ten hours.  This is an inspiring recap of how he did it, with some productivity hacks for founders sprinkled throughout.

According to Google’s CEO, technology probably never will solve all of humanity’s problems
In a wide-ranging interview with the New York Times, Google CEO Sundar Pichal discusses the company’s most turbulent year yet, and how the business is planning to solve for the many challenges it now faces.

Here’s how to spot bad account executives in your startup – and what to do next
Especially within one’s startup, it’s easy to let relationships trump performance.  This simple guide outlines how to spot low-performing sales reps at your startup, and how to handle the situation in a way that improves performance (rather than hindering it).

In Silicon Valley, Saudi money keeps flowing to startups amid backlash
Even after weeks of controversy, doors continue being opened for Saudi Arabia’s state investment fund in Silicon Valley.  Most founders and VCs have remained quiet on the kingdom’s recent controversies, and are continuing to accept funding despite it.

Mattermark’s founder on the importance of being self-taught in Silicon Valley
Mattermark founder Danielle Morrill has become adept at quickly adapting to varied roles – and in this piece, she reveals her secrets for learning new skills quickly, and why self-teaching is often the best way to learn.

Here’s how fintech startup Brex is aiming for decacorn success
This interview with Brex CEO Henrique Dubugras reveals how the startup plans to help users without a credit score around the world, and how the company is remaining relevant in a rapidly shifting fintech ecosystem.


  • VMWare has just acquired Heptio for an undisclosed amount. Link
  • Bill Gates is investing more than $200M in human waste research and startups. Link
  • Cogni has just landed $1.7M in seed funding for its first phase of expansion. Link
  • Use this library of high-quality flat icons for your next project.  Link
  • Robotics startup Zume has just snagged $375M in funding from Softbank. Link
  • Kleiner Perkins has announced 100K in seed funding fro members of its fellowship program. Link
  • Here’s how Uber, Lyft, and others got voters to the polls on Election Day. Link
  • Check out the great free data analysis visualization tool for startups. Link
  • Facebook’s Portal smart displays are officially now on sale. Link
  • Ford is reportedly set to acquire mobility startup Spin. Link


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