FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up 13th Oct 2018

Faraday Future CEO accused of trying to break investor deal after spending $800 million
After appearing to have turned things around, trouble is brewing at the electric car startup

Here’s how the 22-year-old founders of Brex built a billion-dollar business
Brex is a fintech startup focused on helping any startup founder get access to a corporate credit card. Its founders built it into a unicorn in just two years, and in this piece, they share their secrets to scaling quickly.

Inside Uber Eats and the $6B run rate AI success story nobody is talking about
UberEats has become the fastest-growing meal delivery service in the US, but what not many realize is that AI has been key to its growth story – and with UberEats, Uber is leveraging the technology to its fullest potential.

CNBC has just unveiled its list of 100 promising startups to watch in 2018
The annual Upstart 100 is now out from CNBC, and its a great place to learn more about up and coming startups around the world – whether you’re an entrepreneur yourself, or simply an investor looking for promising opportunities.

Fitloop was founded by accident – here’s how it grew into a real business
Shridhar Gupta’s Fitloop was originally supposed to be a way for him to track his workouts, but it quickly developed into much more than that.  Here’s how Gupta took his passion project and turned it into a business with thousands of users.

China is making a big play for influence and investment in Silicon Valley
As the country races ahead in AI research and funding, its also turning its eye on the world’s hub for startups.  China is increasingly investing in Silicon Valley, and its own startups are beginning to expand into the region as well.

Here’s how anyone can build a SaaS startup in just 30 days
In this article, serial entrepreneur Matt Lo reveals how he build a chat bot-based business in just a month.  There are some great tips on ideation here, as well as a step-by-step guide on actually launching a web-based product.

Facebook has just launched its new video screen – but how will consumers respond?
This week, Facebook launched Portal – its new video screen aimed at bringing the company into the home.  But consumers aren’t so sure about the move, particularly on the back of privacy allegations levied on the firm over the past year.

How three founders turned their social media startup into a top influencer marketing strategy
Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing subcategories of marketing, and these founders are cashing in.  Here’s the fascinating story of how one social media agency pivoted to solely focusing on influencer marketing, and why they believe its not a fad.

This blog is telling the story of Uber’s design evolution
The first chapter in a series, this post is a great read on how Uber evolved its visual design as the direction of the company changed over time – from its mobile icons, to its website and mobile applications.

Meet the new billionaires behind an unlikely tech unicorn
This is a long read on the founding story of Mailchimp, one of Silicon Valley’s newest uncorns.  The company is also one of the growing number of startups based in Atlanta – a rapidly growing tech hub in its own right.


Meet Sans Forgetica – a new font scientifically designed to help you remember information

Tencent is making a massive investment in Nubank at a $4B valuation

Here’s why Python is becoming the world’s most popular coding language

After spending more than $800M in funding, electric car maker Faraday Future is in trouble

Illumina is asking the SEC to let it pay people in equity for their data

Microsoft is investing in Grab to bring AI to its on-demand services

This speech at Y Combinator has some great advice for technical founders

After years in operation, Google+ is officially shutting down

Founders Factory is expanding its corporate-backed startup accelerator into Africa

The US’s share of global VC funding has fallen more than 20% in the past 5 years

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