FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up, 12th April 2019

This week the fast-growing startup announced that it would be increasing its current round of funding to $6.5B.

Here’s how Rippling raised its $45M Series A without a pitch deck
Instead of using a Pitch Deck to raise funding, Rippling wrote up an Investor Memo, which laid out the firm’s pitch in a long-form format. This requires less upfront face-time, and it can also function as a standalone document.

Scaling a company while controlling costs can be tough, but it’s possible
Some of the fastest-growing startups today are taking advantage of location arbitrage to fuel their growth. Companies like Zoom and others are increasingly housing their engineering teams in countries like China, which have high levels of talent combined with a low-cost base.

The Uber IPO is finally here – and it’s going to be a $100B monster
Uber has finally revealed the details around its IPO, and it’s shaping up to be one of the largest tech public offerings of all time. The startup plans to sell $10B of stock in the IPO, which will seek a valuation of $90-100B.

Startups are discovering the allure of the “C Corporation”
The C Corporation structure used to only make sense for the largest global companies, but startups are increasingly structuring themselves as C Corporations to take advantage of lucrative tax savings.

Grab’s bonfire of the vanities is just blowing smoke
This week the fast-growing startup announced that it would be increasing its current round of funding to $6.5B. Many analysts, however, are wondering if pouring more money into a battle of subsidies is really the right answer to long-term growth.

Google Cloud’s new CEO on customer acquisition, startups, and more
In this interview, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian discusses the organization’s renewed focus on the startup community and the future of multi-cloud hosting solutions.

Thoughts on non-linear growth in B2B startups
The operational constraints limiting growth for B2B startups generally center around sales capacity, market awareness, and deployment capacity. Developing a self-serve model is often key to circumventing these barriers, as it’s a high-leverage distribution model.

All Raise is scaling a nonprofit, startup style
All Raise is looking to double the amount of capital going to female founders in the next 5 years, and to do so it’s turning to some time-tested scaling techniques that are reminiscent of Silicon Valley’s unicorns.

Here’s how Goodnotes turned an app idea into a profitable business
Instead of focusing on raising VC funding, Goodnotes founder Steven Chan decided to opt for scaling purely based on revenue, and consistently evolving his product development cycle.

This simple rule of thumb will help you raise your next seed round
When raising a seed round it’s often difficult to know how much funding is “enough”. Realistically speaking, 12-18 months of runway should be your target – calculated as a multiple of your headcount.


  • This is a great podcast with a16z on fintech innovation for startups.  Link
  • Fintech startup Monzo will reportedly be valued at $2B in its latest funding round.  Link
  • 19 great alternatives to MailChimp for startup.  Link
  • Thousands of Amazon employees are reportedly listening to your Alexa conversations.  Link
  • ShopBack is raising $45M in funding from Rakuten and others in its next funding round.  Link
  • Applications for the Africa Netpreneur Challenge are now open.  Link
  • Lyft’s shares are hitting new lows as Uber’s IPO looms.  Link
  • Klaviyo has raised a $150M Series B after building its company the old-fashioned way.  Link
  • Amazon is acquiring robotics startup Canvas Technologies.  Link
  • Down rounds are quickly becoming more common amongst tech unicorns.  Link



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