FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up 10th December 2018

Here’s how marketplace startups will reinvent the service economy
The service economy is rapidly growing, but it’s also ripe for disruption. This is a great piece on how marketplace startups are transforming the service industry, and what future innovations might soon be coming down the pipeline.

The First 100: how to measure the strength of your idea with real customers
This free eBook is a deep dive on how to validate a business idea by first acquiring 100 loyal customers. There are also numerous tips on finding product-market fit, pricing, hiring, and much more.

To burn capital, or not – for many founders, that’s the key question when starting a new venture
When launching any startup, founders can choose to raise and burn capital aggressively, or not at all. This framework outlines what to consider when deciding between the two paths, and the pros and cons of each.

Here’s how Airtable became the breakout tech startup of the year
After only landing on most investors’ radars early this year, Airtable is on track to become one of the year’s fastest-growing startups – and it’s done this by promising a long-term platform play and capitalizing on other fundraising rounds.

Meet Silicon Valley’s most unlikely tech VC
Arlan Hamilton has become one of the first African-American female VCs in Silicon Valley through founding Backstage Capital, a diversity-focused investment firm that’s raised more than $50M in funding to date.

Michael Seibel on starting a startup and finding product-market fit
This is an insightful interview with Michael Seibel (CEO of Y Combinator, and former founder of and SocialCam) on how to find a good product-market fit, and embark on fundraising efforts in the process.

These are the twenty key questions to ask before joining another startup
Joining any startup is generally a high-risk, high-reward endeavor – and that’s why doing one’s due diligence is so important. This piece outlines the key questions to ask during the startup interview process, and what to consider along the way.

Working “remotely” can be toxic – here’s how to avoid it
Remote work is more popular than ever but managed incorrectly, it can turn into a hindrance for startups. To avoid falling into the remote work trap, it’s important to set the terms of such arrangements up front before rolling them out across your organization.

On the importance of ensuring your first startup hires are great ones
Making high-quality hiring decisions is incredibly important for startup founders, and this piece is an actionable guide on how to do just that – covering everything from sourcing talent to ensuring a good hiring experience for the candidate.

Skype’s co-founder has just raised $105M to transform Asia’s fintech sector
Oriente is a quickly-growing startup that aims to disrupt Asia’s banking sector by targeting its mobile applications to the millions of unbanked users across the continent – and it’s just raised backing from some of Southeast Asia’s richest families.


  • Left has officially acquired bike-sharing startup Motivate.  Link
  • Asana has just landed $50M in funding at a $1.5B valuation.  Link
  • Airbnb Backyard is set to begin designing houses in 2019.  Link
  • Monzo has just launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign, with a target raise of $20M.  Link
  • Geek+ has just raised $150M in funding for its AI-based logistics platform.  Link
  • Here’s how to set up your iPhone for productivity, not control over your life.  Link
  • Qualcomm is set to invest $100M in AI startups.  Link
  • GO-JEK has just launched in Singapore in a bid to challenge rival Grab in Asia. Link
  • Happytal has just raised $5M to continue improving the healthcare experience for all.  Link
  • Vista Equity Partners is taking a majority stake in Wrike at a $800M valuation.  Link


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