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Stories from around the world, Estonia is becoming the world’s first free public transport nation to how North Korean hackers became the world’s greatest bank robbers, read on.

Ashton Kutcher shares his strategy for making sound startup investments
Ashton Kutcher has an unconventional method for investing in startups, but it’s been quite successful to date. Instead of over-analyzing endless economic models, Kutcher uses a time-tested mental framework to assess a startup’s potential for future success based on the quality and expertise of its founders.

Use this 30-hour method to quickly learn any new skill
Informed partly by author Cal Newport’s concept of “deep work”, this framework is useful for anyone looking to quickly learn a new skill. By priming oneself to enter a state of deep work, anyone can learn new skills – provided they’ve already done the necessary information gathering and and goal setting necessary.

Electric Scooter Charger Culture Is Out of Control
The sharing economy has produced entirely new categories of jobs, and electric scooter startups in particular have created a new, gamified market that incentivizes “chargers” to track down electric scooters and keep them fully powered – and the competition to keep scooters charged can be brutal.

Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions
Mental models are one of the most powerful ways to transform one’s decision-making capabilities, and this deep dive from Farnam Street outlines more than a hundred of the most common mental models, while explaining how entrepreneurs can use them to make more intelligent decisions for their startups.

Starbucks’s mobile payment service is slightly outpacing Apple’s
In the US at least, Starbucks has become an unlikely leader in the mobile payments space. Driven by high app adoption among its most frequent customers, the platform has become the leading method of mobile payments in the US, and it’s illustrative of the wide gap in mobile payment adoption between the US and emerging markets more generally.

The three strategies for making money by investing in penny stocks

Estonia To Become The World’s First Free Public Transport Nation
In a world first, the Baltic country has announced that all public transport will be free for all starting this month. The landmark move will be paid for through a series of new government taxes paid by Estonian citizens, and comes on the back of a successful pilot program run in Tallinn, the country’s capital.

How North Korean hackers became the world’s greatest bank robbers
Over the past several years, the secretive country has covertly built up a formidable hacking group that has already penetrated some of the world’s most venerable financial institutions and crypto exchanges, netting over $650m in profits for the North Korean regime in just three years.

This is your guide to quickly visualizing any set of A/B test results with ease
A/B testing is an easy way to find out if your marketing strategy is working, but do you really know how to analyze the results in an actionable way? This guide does an excellent job of outlining how to find a clear way to assess one’s A/B test results, and shows how any founder can use these results to take action on their findings.

How I targeted the Reddit CEO with Facebook ads
After a disappointing exit from a failed startup, one entrepreneur decided to land a job at Reddit by concocting a creative series of Facebook ads targeted directly to Reddit’s CEO – and the idea was successful, landing him an interview with Reddit’s Head of HR within a matter of days.

How to use a workshop to validate your business idea
Workshops are one of the most underrated ways to validate a business idea. Doing adequate market research and targeting a sub-niche of your audience can set the stage for a successful workshop, which will give you a number of actionable insights – not the least of which is knowing whether or not people will actually pay for your product.

Oil Man Jim Company Oil & Gas Podcast, 9th October 2019

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  • Alibaba is teaming up the world’s highest-valued AI startup to a lab in Hong Kong. Link
  • These drones can haul a 20-pound load for 500 miles and land on a moving target. Link
  • Matt Mullenweg’s reflections on WordPress’s 15th anniversary. Link
  • 1Password shares its learning from getting Version 7 ready for Apple’s App Store. Link
  • One of TechCrunch’s former co-editors has unveiled a new seed-stage venture fund. Link
  • Join Smart Cities Week from October 2-4 in Washington DC. Link
  • Palantir is hiring an Equity Operations Analyst in Palo Alto, California.
  • The Physics of a Tesla Model X Towing a Boeing 787. Link


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