Facebook Ad Metrics Changes Come Into Force July 2018

Facebook announced it’s removing 20 Ads Manager metrics to help advertisers focus more on the ‘more meaningful ones.’


Facebook has already started to label some of its metrics in Ads Manager, providing more clarity on how they are calculated. The new labels – displaying whether a metric is ‘estimated or in development’ – now appears as tooltips as part of the Ads Manager reporting table, but also in the customise column selector. They are available to view on all ads that run on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.


Since businesses want more insight into Facebook Ads measurement tools and metrics, Facebook also plans to remove some metrics that have been deemed redundant, outdated, not actionable, or infrequently used.

The following metrics are the ones Facebook plans to remove come July 2018, along with suggestions for alternative metrics to use in place of them.


Actions, People Taking Action, Cost per Any Action

In place of these metrics, Facebook advises advertisers to customize their own composite metric to represent actions of significant insight specific to the business.


Amount Spent Today

Facebook’s dynamic date selector is more useful than the amount spent today metric when it is used to see results for today and then analyzed in comparison to other date ranges.


Button Clicks

Facebook says this metric is nearly identical to measurements reflected in link clicks, event responses, and offers saved, which, once the button clicks metric is removed, should be used instead.


Canvas Component Time Percentage

Since this metric isn’t often used, Facebook recommends using canvas view time and canvas view percentage instead.


Carousel Card

This metric will no longer provide a breakdown of conversion metrics or of any calculated metrics because it is rarely used. However, Facebook says link clicks can be broken down by carousel card to see conversion results.


Link Click Destination

Outbound clicks and landing page views can be used for the time being to measure clicks leading to off-Facebook destinations. These metrics can also provide a more effective granular insight to app deep links or app store destinations.


Mobile App Actions Conversion Value

Facebook says using specific app event conversion values such as mobile app purchases conversion value is more useful than this metric.


Page Mentions, Cost per Page Mention

These metrics are outdated and do not reflect any significant insights, according to Facebook. Page likes or page engagement are recommended in place of them.


Page Tab Views, Cost per Page Tab View

These metrics are redundant and not as meaningful as page likes or page engagement.


Positive Feedback, Negative Feedback

Similar to the relevance score metric, these two metrics will only confuse advertisers. Relevance score is more useful in understanding how well a target audience is responding to ads.


Social Reach, Social Impressions, Social Clicks (All), Unique Social Clicks (All)

Facebook says these metrics are outdated and are similar to reach and impressions.

Share Talk will of course update all client reports accordingly as the changes become live.


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