Eric Leire, Chief Executive Officer of GenFlow Biosciences Interview

GenFlow Biosciences is a biotechnology company dedicated to increasing our understanding of the factors that controls lifespan. We research, develop and commercialize therapeutic solutions to lengthen healthspan, the amount of time we live in good health. Our mission is to create biological interventions that enable longer and healthier lives.



GENFLOW is dedicated to the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics targeting ageing in dogs and humans. Ageing is not a natural fatality.

There is no rationale for a limited lifespan. Ageing can now be considered as a risk factor that we can treat. By treating ageing, we believe that GENFLOW can contribute to decrease healthcare costs and lessen the emotional and societal burden that comes with an ageing population.

GENFLOW Biosciences is on the fast track to becoming a top-performing biotechnological powerhouse. An aggressive clinical development plan is underway. A team of seasoned industry leaders leads with confidence knowing there is short-term milestone potential.

Leveraging major unmet needs within communities affected by issues related to ageing is a key factor for aligning with GENFLOW. Sharing our confidence in this sound investment is the real key factor.

ANGEL is a first-in-man Phase I dose-ascending open-label clinical trial in Healthy volunteers.

The ANGEL trial will be followed by a proof-of-concept Phase II trial with Werner Syndrome patients that will be conducted in Sardinia. We will apply to Orphan drug status for this indication.

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