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So it’s been a short while since Share Talk covered a bigmoose blog. Apologies Jeff. From galavanting up to the North West of England to Bath, to Soho, and back to Cardiff… Jeff and Chloe have been pretty busy since Mr Smith returned from his successful Everest trip. Read on to find out the latest from the bigmoose camp…

bom dia bigmoose gang,

as i sit her this morning, i have had one of those ‘what am i gonna write’ moments, and i feared that my blog would become just a list of stuff that we had been up to, which could be perceived as boring.

well nobody has unsubscribed lately, and the opening rates are increasing weekly, so it can’t be that bad, but today i just had a doubt.
anyway, then i thought, maybe i’m trying to tell you all too much, and maybe less is more.

now… a friend that stayed with us recently mentioned he uses an app called headspace to meditate, which he says he uses mid-afternoon when his energy levels are waning, so i thought i’d give it a spin, and i like it.
so i am meditating every day, which is more than i did before, as i sometimes found it hard to get the time, but i am finding the app very useful.

the reason for mentioning that is that i think i have changed.

since returning from everest, i have changed, and hopefully for the better.

russ told me a few times that everest would change my world, and i truly think it has, i am noticing myself that i am a lot more relaxed, now i was pretty relaxed before, but i could get wound up by minutiae, which i am finding i am more calm with now, i’m not sure it’s everest, headspace, getting older, or a mix of all three, but whatever it is i like it.

i have always been somebody who realises you can only control the controllable, and i don’t tend to panic, but since getting back from kathmandu, i just seem much more zen like.
i have a feeling that my fear of not having enough to write was unfounded 🙂

i just noticed elon musk’s biography on my office desk, and realised something i wanted to tell you about.
i have become fascinated by elon musk, he is just one very calm young man, doing some revolutionary stuff in the world, and i love the way he just goes with his dreams, with zero noticeable fear, and ted talk tip of the day is here for you to see what you think.
this talk was only just recently in april, and he talks about how he has come up with a solution to reduce the traffic congestion in l.a. by digging a 3d network of tunnels under the ground for the cars to use instead, and he is doing it now. i really love it, listening to him inspires me massively, and if you have never seen or heard of him, give this a watch, he really casts off any shackles the world tries to put on him, and his rocket footage is off the scale.

so this leads me into telling you about my week, as i mentioned it was me and the bigmoose gangs birthday, me 54, and bigmoose 3 years old, and as birthdays often are, it was a time for reflection.

this year has been a great one, and i reflected on how i had decided to climb mount everest, and, thanks to all of my friends, including you, for helping me, and for the world deciding it was the right time for me to achieve this great thing, and the energy that it now gives me is impalpable.

my family were all away working, and i had a pretty clear day, with a free afternoon to do what i wanted, quite unusual, but planned.
now, i am in the market for a new car, as mine was recently written off leaving me carless, but i have decided not to rush things, very unlike me, see i’ve changed, but i am weighing up whether i ‘need’ a car.
from a kid i always wanted to drive, and when i passed my test and got behind the wheel of my triumph herald 37 years ago, it gave me great freedom, which i loved.
today though i am much more aware of my impact on the planet, and i may possibly never own a car again as i don’t know if i ‘need’ one, but if i decide i do, then it almost undoubtedly will be an electric one, possibly a tesla, the company that elon musk owns, funny that!
so, on my birthday i glanced at twitter, and notice a friend mari arthur, who is ceo of sustainable wales, is holding a seminar on the future of cars and transport in cardiff, which started at 1.30pm.

i was in.

the room had about two hundred seats, and as i sat down i read that there was going to be a representative from tesla at the event, which i thought would be very interesting.
i glanced up from my event agenda to see a young girl in her mid twenties, with, i noticed gorgeous shoes, definitely not designed for tree hugging, which was my initial thought of who would be attending, and she smiled as she sidled past me and sat in the adjacent seat.
hi, i’m jeff i offered, hi i’m lucy, from tesla.
now i know that when i look at a pair of north face running shoes, that facebook loads me up with the same shoes everywhere i look, but elon, how the heck did you do this, what kind of witchcraft have you created?
i have been researching artificial intelligence lately, or ai as the cool kids call it, but this was a different league.
lucy answered all of my questions i had, and i think if i decide to buy four wheels again it will be one of elon’s.

the event was very interesting, and the emergence of driverless cars offered up a whole new ballgame, and i predict a massive shift in the way we approach travel in the next few years, and seeing that pretty much every car manufacturer is now selling electric models, and volvo have just announced that from 2019 every model they sell with be hybrid or electric, is really interesting.
i thought i was quite early to the party, but it turns out we currently have over 100,000 electric vehicles in the uk, which i was pretty surprised by, watch this space, but if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, car or van, have a look at electric, it’s very much the future.
i’ll try not to be too evangelical about this subject, but sustainability is a pretty big thing to me and bigmoose, and on that note i also went along to look at our future landlords (hopefully) ‘green roof’ in cardiff city centre this week, where they have planted a green roof along with wild flowers, and a number of bee hives.
this is all helping the environment in a number of ways, and also gives their staff a peaceful place to take their breaks, and is something we are looking at incorporating into our own coffee shop venture imminently.

well apparently i appear to have found plenty to tell you about this week, geez louise once i start there ain’t no stopping me!!
however time has escaped me this morning, but before i go, i just wanted to tell you about the best birthday present i could have received, even better than the la sportiva flip flops i got.

chloe and i had been to winsley primary school in bath prior to heading to nepal, and they have supported me massively on my adventure, and i was asked if i would open their school fair last saturday which i did with a big smile on my face, and had just the best day, chatting to parents and teachers alike, and just enjoying the lovely vibe of the school, so you can tell i love these guys.
so as i enjoyed my 54th birthday with lots of lovely messages, my favourite one pinged up on my phone, and mrs wilson’s message had a video attachment, and as i pressed play the whole school sat in their assembly and sang me happy birthday, probably one of the loveliest things ever.
unfortunately i can’t share it with you as these days you can’t share childrens images, and i do understand why, but it’s a shame as it was lovely to see, so hopefully you can use your imagination, so thanks winsley, and i am really looking forward to going back on the 19th to tell them all about what happened on the hill.

so, have an amazing week, listen to elon, and we now have 94 runners for the cardiff half if you fancy it, or know anyone that might, please let me know.

the end.

blue skies,

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