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Welcome to the next generation of trade finance.

Ground-breaking payroll finance and time processing system. Hi will give your business a new source of working capital by transforming the way time and pay are tracked, viewed and verified. For the first time ever, time itself can now be financed.

A unique way to release working Capital by externally financing your payroll without adding debt to your balance sheet. At the same time, Hi-Pay makes pay to employees more accurate, efficient and frequent. Through our technology, Hi-Pay enables businesses to defer payroll and pay employees weekly, releasing working capital and giving swifter access to earned income for workers.

Hi-View lets your business view and verify time across the entire enterprise, allowing employees to see what they earn as they earn it, and providing a platform for employee/employer collaboration. Hi-View can do all of this, while seamlessly integrating with your existing payroll and timekeeping systems.

Coronavirus: HiPay’s plan to stave off deeper job pain

From September 1, the government will cut its support to furloughed workers to 70% of salary, with employers required to top up pay to 80% of normal, as well as picking up employers’ National Insurance and pension contributions.

The final reduction will come a month later, when the government contribution drops to 60%. Then, at the end of October, wage support will be removed, replaced by a £1,000 bonus to firms for each furloughed worker kept on until the end of January.

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What is HI?

A global first, Hi enables employers to release working capital based on their payroll. Lenders will now be able to see its value and lend against it without adding debt to the balance sheet of the business. Employees will also be able to access their earned money weekly with the new system, with real-time pay our vision for the future.

Hi is a privately financed, unique, digital payroll scheme that allows businesses to standardise and capture time worked by employees. Its technology standardises time in financial terms for the first time ever.

Currently, in financial terms, time is not standardised. This new system will mean time is literally money, unleashing a new asset class which will be financed. Time will become the new form of secured credit – it’s your time, you own it and your employer will pay you for it

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