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  • BTC: $8,068.18 | -$857.34 (-9.61%) since last week
  • ETH: $464.22 | -$91.42 (-16.43%) since last week
  • LTC: $143.93 | -$25.36 (-14.98%) since last week

Here’s the latest roadmap for the cutting-edge developments in Bitcoin that are coming
The Bitcoin developer community is working harder than ever, and several key new innovations are on the horizon. Most notably, the implementation of Schnorr Signatures (which will enable multiple transaction signatures on a single contract) is finally imminent. Among other innovations, “Bulleproofs” will also markedly improve the privacy of Bitcoin by concealing quantities of transactions.

Blockstream announces a Lightning point-of-sale solution called Nanopos
Blockstream has just announced Nanopos, a point-of-sale solution based on Lightning that could transform the way brick-and-mortar retailers conduct transactions. The technology is a lightweight Lapp targeted towards businesses selling fixed-price items that want to leverage the Lightning network for conducting everyday transactions.

Learn more about every ICO founder’s greatest dilemma
Neyma Jahn, the founder of Unification, says that most blockchain projects today are simply existing in a “world of incrementally improving on structure with the promise that one day this will ‘do something'”. Too many ICOs today are focused on simply executing the ICO portion of their project without putting effort into shipping, and this could end up being the downfall of many in the years to come.

On perceived scarcity and artificial demand in the world of tokens
As is true in most industries, the value of any token is near worthless without a corresponding amount of demand. The token industry is presently going through a stage of artificial demand due to the massive influx of token sales, but ultimately, a lack of natural demand for new token sales may well end up reversing this trend in the long term.

Here’s the only ICO resource you’ll ever need
The templates listed in this piece from PEAK Trading are critical when doing research on which ICOs to invest in, and many of these sheets also have burgeoning investor communities built around them as well. Many of these resources are completely free, while a select few offer paid memberships for additional analysis and investment advice.

US Congress quietly passes CLOUD Act to increase government access to private data
Late last week, the US Congress passed the CLOUD Act, a piece of legislation allowing US law enforcement agencies to legally access data across boarders. The new law is relevant to crypto investors, as its the latest blow to individual privacy rights online – a move that should embolden more users to embrace encryption as a necessary tool for everyday life.

One month after launching, LitePay has ceased operations
The price of Litecoin dropped earlier this week after its affiliated payment processor, LitePay, ceased operations just one month after going live. LitePay’s CEO informed Litecoin that he would be stepping down from the company and selling its assets, prompting the short-term decrease in Litecoin’s value in the markets.

Andreas Antonopoulos on the four things Bitcoin needs next in 2018
According to crypto evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos, the four key things the Bitcoin industry needs this year are “more exchanges, continued wallet development, usable ATMs, and education systems”. Specifically, better-designed wallets are needed to improve the on boarding process for newcomers to crypto as well.

Monero has declared war on crypto miners
After facing an onslaught of mining models that are purpose-built to mine the cryptocurrency, the team at Monero is fighting back by enacting an emergency software upgrade in April that will block high-powered mining efforts in their entirety. There are concerns that the specialized mining hardware could be used to conduct highly targeted attacks on Monero traders as well.

This is the one big problem that’s facing token teams today
The influx of capital to many ICO projects has resulted in widespread complacency among many projects’ leadership teams. With significant war chests of cash, little thought is being paid to future cash flow. Due to the principles of convexity, this mindset may end up working against founders in the future, unless equal attention is placed on the health of their cash flow as well.

  • Coinbase is adding support for ERC20. Link
  • Read this deep-dive overview of the Ethereum Dapps ecosystem. Link
  • NEO has announced the details for its upcoming European roadshow tour. Link
  • Here’s a summary of the most recent ScalingNOW workshop in Barcelona. Link
  • Bitmain’s new Ethereum ASIC miner will kill GPU mining. Link
  • Auctus has now announced the details for its anticipated token sale. Link
  • This is SatoshiLabs’ latest manifesto around crypto security. Link
  • AirPod is strengthening its advisory team, with 4 new advisors appointed this week. Link
  • A Mexican company has launched a cryptocurrency backed by the habanero chili. Link
  • Token swaps between NEO and Ethereum have now been made possible. Link

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