CryptoWeekly Round Up, 22nd March 2019

Despite the short-term uncertainty in the markets around Bitcoin’s price, one team of researchers believes they’ve found a way to prove that the price of Bitcoin is actually non-random.

JPM Coin is the wildest idea for big banks in years
A month after its launch, many in the market still have no idea what JPM Coin is, or how it’ll be used by the banking behemoth. What all can agree though, is that the token appears to be an aggressive attempt to gain a first-mover advantage in offering an entirely new type of banking service. Instead of traditional banking services, many analysts now believe that JPM Coin could end up being a new type of payment service for businesses running their own blockchain.Aaron Brown on how crypto’s boom pushed the industry forward by 3-5 years
Crypto expert Aaron Brown believes that even though mass-market trading was the key innovation that propelled crypto into mainstream consciousness, it will still require more real-world applications for the industry to become truly transformational. This wide-ranging interview also includes some interesting thoughts on crypto middleware, and blockchains that connect different protocols.

Here’s why Facebook Coin is the most bullish thing in crypto right now
Despite Bitcoin’s most prolonged bear market yet, investors and analysts remain bullish on Facebook’s cryptocurrency project. Facebook’s effort to break into the space could end up being the shot in the arm crypto needs, as simply introducing the technology on its network could result in an unprecedented wave of investment and innovation.

The SEC’s crypto czar just put stablecoins on notice
During a speech at SXSW, the SEC’s Senior Advisor for Digital Assets said that stablecoins could end up raising serious issues under existing securities laws. This would potentially end up making stablecoins much more expensive to register and issue, but the outcome of these discussions is still pending as the SEC remains in discussion over what types of crypto-assets qualify as securities.

This is the ultimate guide to Ethereum UX tools
It’s hard enough to learn how to code for Ethereum, but designing an easy to use UX can be another challenge altogether. The great thing is, from Dapps to out of the box tools, there are plenty of examples of what good design can look like in the Ethereum ecosystem. This is a great resource that not only showcases some extremely high-quality Ethereum use-cases, but also summarizes the key APIs and codebases developers are using to make scalable Ethereum apps today.

CBOE is abandoning the Bitcoin futures markets
The first US exchange to list Bitcoin futures, trading service CBOE Global Exchange has said it will stop adding new Bitcoin futures contracts in a tangible sign of the slowdown in the crypto retail markets. That said, the exchange is still open to listing other crypto-related derivatives, and it’s now assessing the market to see what other opportunities might be available.

Binance is seeking “diplomatic immunity” to get around government regulations
Regulatory uncertainty has held back many crypto businesses from expanding globally, but that uncertainty hasn’t stopped Binance from opening offices in new markets around the world. Experts like Ari Paul agree that the crypto exchange is likely violating financial regulations around the world, but it’s currently looking to diversify its regulatory risk by forging deep relationships with potential government partners – particularly in Malta and Singapore.

This is a great research paper that illustrates exactly how Bitcoin spreads like a virus
Despite the short-term uncertainty in the markets around Bitcoin’s price, one team of researchers believes they’ve found a way to prove that the price of Bitcoin is actually non-random. This recent statistical analysis done by Cane Island Advisors shows that modeling the price of Bitcoin similar to a virus yields incredibly accurate results, when compared against previous price trends.

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