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  • BTC: $6,516.35 | +$634.56 (+10.79%) since last week
  • ETH: $466.52 | +$57.06 (+13.94%) since last week
  • LTC: $83.51 | +$10.51 (+14.40%) since last week

Meet the titans of crypto that are driving mainstream adoption
With so much press dedicated to crypto’s technical breakthroughs, it’s easy to forget that all this innovation is ultimately to drive mainstream adoption. These pioneers are doing amazing work bringing crypto to the masses, and it’s worth catching up on some of the great projects they’re working on now.

India has now effectively banned crypto after a landmark court ruling
In what comes as a massive blow to the crypto markets in India, the country has effectively banned cryptocurrencies outright after one of its top courts backed a ban on crypto trading and ordered all of its banks to cease any dealings with crypto companies.

Here’s how Mainframe optimized its selection of pre-sale funding partners
When building its roster of pre-sale partners, the team at Mainframe decided to optimize for token usage and experience to ensure that the tokens issued during their pre-sale weren’t just immediately flipped for profit, but actively used within the ecosystem.

Coinbase’s future is fully dependent on the volatile demand for cryptocurrencies
Coinbase has emerged from the “Wild West” of cryptocurrencies as a major player that’s capable of driving significant innovation in the crypto space while collaborating with regulators. Its future, however, depends on the appetite for crypto and its ability to remain an independent company.

Market cap is just one (imperfect) way to value a cryptocurrency
Valuing cryptocurrencies by their market cap isn’t always most accurate way to measure. Doing so treats tokens less as a currency and more as a stock – which in the case of ICOs may be true, but for more traditional tokens, the valuation methodology doesn’t always hold up.

Here’s what it’s like to visit Switzerland’s crypto valley
Zug has widely been hailed as the “Crypto Valley”, and dozens of blockchain startups are setting up shop in the tiny Swiss city. But what is it actually like on the ground? This report from the recent Crypto Valley Conference provides some insight into Zug’s crypto ecosystem, as well as what it’s like to start up a crypto company there.

PoWx is the latest effort to transform Bitcoin forever
PoWx is a nonprofit foundation that’s looking to create a better version of Bitcoin’s current proof-of-work algorithm. The foundation’s approach is called “optical proof-of-work”, and uses energy-efficient laser technology to conduct faster mining.

Meet the 3 types of crypto traders that are kicking your ass
This piece outlines the key players in the crypto trading markets that are currently dominating the competition, and suggests strategies for being a successful crypto trader even when whales and insider traders have the ultimate upper hand.

Extreme Bitcoin mining is fueling an unexpected revolution in Iceland
Drawn by its cool climate and cheap green energy, crypto miners are flocking to Iceland to set up shop. Abundant hydropower and a high-quality life have already attracted a number of high-profile mining operations, and more are making plans to move as well.

The case against narrow-minded maximalism
Bitcoin maximalism is a popular philosophy in crypto these days, but at times it can be too narrow-minded. For those that subscribe to this school of thought, it’s important to not fall into common logical fallacies like believing the crypto endgame is an either-or argument.


  • Crypto visa card company Monaco just spent millions to buy Link
  • SIX to launch full end-to-end and fully integrated digital asset trading. Link
  • The Swiss stock exchange is launching its own cryptocurrency exchange. Link
  • Cardano and Google are in talks for a potential partnership. Link
  • The full decentralization of the NEO network has officially begun. Link
  • Binance has opened withdrawals and deposits for EOS . Link
  • has appointed a former Jeffries CEO to lead its VC arm. Link
  • Check out this roundup of interviews with some of the biggest names in crypto. Link
  • Mainframe tokens are now available for trading on Binance. Link
  • This piece of crypto-artwork just sold for $1M. Link
  • This is a great overview of stablecoins by the CEO of Reserve. Link
  • The most innovative apps in the NEO ecosystem right now. Link
  • Genesis Mining is hiring a remote Python Programmer. Link
  • Join CoinAgenda Europe from July 15-17 in Malta. Link
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