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  • BTC: $9,585.56 | +$337.04 (+3.79%) since last week
  • ETH: $774.74 | +$96.40 (+14.21%) since last week
  • LTC: $157.72 | +$6.59 (+4.36%) since last week

Telegram has canceled its $1.7b public token sale
After spotting increased regulatory scrutiny on the horizon, Telegram has decided to cancel its $1.7b public token sale. The firm is taking a cautious approach to raising more funds after its record-breaking private token sale, particularly since additional regulation around ICOs may soon be signed into law by the SEC.

Is Coinbase creating a centralized or decentralized financial system?
In this piece, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong explains how his firm is building an open financial system for all, even though it happens to be a fairly centralized company itself. Above all, Armstrong says, it’s important to recognize that in crypto, there will be both centralized and decentralized products in the ecosystem – and each of them will play a unique role in helping make crypto mainstream in the long run.

This deep-dive analysis of SALT’s lending platform is worth a read
SALT is a platform that enables lending through cryptocurrency-collateralized loans. This deep-dive details exactly how the platform achieves that goal, and how its blockchain asset management subsidiary acts as an investment advisor of sorts for prospective loans that are set to be issued on the SALT platform.

Here are just a few of the ways that Bitcoin could become irrelevant
It seems like a foregone conclusion that Bitcoin is the future of money, but it’s worth sobering up and recognizing that there are actually many ways the cryptocurrency could be undermined – from government takeovers that neutralize the cryptocurrency’s ability to provide secure access to the markets, to an entirely tokenized market that negates the need for one standard cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are easily confused – here’s a breakdown of all the details you need to know
After the creation of Bitcoin Cash (or BCash), a torrent of misinformation flooded the markets around the cryptocurrency. It’s a token that’s often misunderstood, both because of its branding and its structural similarities to Bitcoin. This breakdown details how the two cryptocurrencies are fundamentally different, and why we should still care about BCash.

Goldman Sachs makes it official, opening its first Bitcoin trading operation
After months of rumors, Goldman Sachs has officially announced that they will be opening a Bitcoin trading operation. The firm issued a public statement saying that “Bitcoin is not a fraud”, and explained that the bank has been working for months on creating a high-potential set of crypto offerings for its global client base.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork
Bitcoin Cash will be undergoing a hard fork later this month, and there will be some significant changes taking place. The hard fork will increase the block size of Bitcoin Cash, while also integrating tokenization functions into the blockchain itself (similar to Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens which support other cryptocurrencies).

Read the Bitcoin Foundation’s response to allegations that crypto is being used for terror financing
After a prominent US Congressman raised concerns that cryptocurrencies were being used for terror financing, the Bitcoin Foundation responded with a statement saying that nobody in its organization has been aware of such allegations, but that the Foundation itself has not done any independent research around what unsavory use cases Bitcoin might already have.

The future of Bitcoin, and what Lightning could look like
Now that the first Lightning implementations are in working beta, many in the crypto community are already thinking about what the future of Bitcoin will look like when Lightning is more commonplace in the crypto ecosystem. Many believe that additional innovations on the platform (like atomic multi-path payments) are quite close to being realized, and if they are, they could give Bitcoin yet another way to scale globally.

Crypto investors Linda Xie and Avichal Garg speak on use cases, regulation, and more
Two of the smartest investors in crypto recently sat down with Y Combinator to discuss the many use cases for crypto that have been cropping up in recent months, as well as the future of regulation and how it’s poised to impact the crypto ecosystem. As part of the discussion, they also had some lively debate on the key differences between tokens and true cryptocurrencies.


  • Check Bitcoin transaction fees instantly with this simple tool. Link
  • Reddit is planning to integrate crypto payments across its network. Link
  • Three of the world’s largest automakers have just formed their own blockchain coalition. Link
  • CoinMarketCap has just launched it’s first mobile app. Link
  • Binance has distributed additional gas for the month of April. Link
  • Watch these highlights from this past December’s Token Summit. Link
  • Meet Balance, the secure multi-platform Ethereum wallet. Link
  • Japanese banking giant SBI is launching its own crypto exchange this summer. Link
  • Blockchain is hiring a Head of Communications in New York, NY. Link
  • Join the Money 20/20 Conference in Amsterdam on June 4.
  • Great video from Andreas Antonopoulos covering the re-use of addresses. Link
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