CryptoWeekly 15th June 2018 – Market Updates


This roundup of crypto podcasts provides a great starting point for learning more about the crypto and blockchain space, whether you’re new to crypto or a seasoned investor. The list includes established podcasts like Unchained, as well as newer entrants to the scene.

  • BTC: $6,596.39 | -$1,057.93 (-13.92%) since last week
  • ETH: $509.82 | -$90.26 (-15.04%) since last week
  • LTC: $98.58 | -$21.44 (-17.88%) since last week
New research has found that Bitcoin’s price was artificially inflated last year
At least half of the rise in Bitcoin’s price last year has now been attributed to artificial price manipulation, according to a team of financial fraud researchers. Much of the manipulation was likely conducted in connection with Bitfinex, one of the least regulated crypto exchanges in the industry.

Ethereum is poised to be the backbone of the new internet – here’s why
According to developers at crypto startup Loom, Ethereum will likely become the platform of choice for Web 3.0 apps due to its exponentially-growing developer ecosystem, as well as its established infrastructure and DApp development platform.

These 20 crypto podcasts will take your blockchain knowledge to the next level
This roundup of crypto podcasts provides a great starting point for learning more about the crypto and blockchain space, whether you’re new to crypto or a seasoned investor. The list includes established podcasts like Unchained, as well as newer entrants to the scene.

The crypto crime wave is already here, and it’s only getting bigger
Law enforcement officials are struggling to keep up with a spike in crypto-related crime, and the trend isn’t slowing down. As crypto scams increase in both number and complexity, law enforcement teams around the world are rushing to draft new regulations and find new ways to trap would-be criminals.

According to Ripple, banks aren’t likely to use DLT for payments (for now)
This week, Ripple’s chief cryptographer went on the record as saying that banks aren’t likely to use distributed ledger technology for payment processing anytime in the near future, primarily due to scalability issues and widespread privacy concerns.

Learn about Consensus, Casper, and Cryptoeconomics in 15 minutes or less
This detailed piece does an excellent job of outlining how Ethereum’s Casper protocol is advancing cryptographic research, and why it’s critical to the future of the platform. The protocol has a high degree of defenses against 51% attacks, and ensures more equitable returns amongst miners as well.

The SEC has officially announced that Ether is not a security
This week, the SEC’s Director of Corporate Finance announced that the regulatory body has decided that Ether will not be regulated as a security – signifying that the way financial products are bought and sold is the true indicator of whether or not a given instrument is a security.

Read this excellent, in-depth interview with Binance CEO CZ Zhao
In this detailed interview with CoinTelegraph, Binance’s CEO reveals that the crypto exchange is planning to support fiat deposits in the near future, and that its recent opening of a bank account in Malta was intended to pave the way for this move.

This how Japan’s quest to be a Bitcoin capital got derailed by hackers
As recently as last year, Japan was one of the world’s leading capitals for Bitcoin trading. But after Coincheck and several other prominent exchanges were hacked, regulators were forced to crack down on ICOs and implement more stringent requirements for exchanges.

Take these 4 simple actions to instantly improve your crypto trading performance
If you’re a crypto investor, it’s worth taking a look at these strategies to improve your trading returns. In this piece, regular rebalancing of one’s portfolio is recommended for optimal performance, in addition to investing in a diversified group of mid cap crypto assets.


  • Here are 20 Crypto companies in Zug you should get to know. Link
  • Swarm is set to tokenize Coinbase’s equity, whether they like it or not. Link
  • Sequoia Capital will reportedly be investing in Bitmain’s $400M funding round. Link
  • Here’s a great podcast on what it’s like to be a crypto asset manager in Switzerland. Link
  • Learn advanced blockchain concepts for free with BlockFellows. Link
  • William Shatner is building a solar-powered crypto mining farm in Illinois. Link
  • Check out this comprehensive roundup of the best crypto white papers. Link
  • Genesis City is creating a crypto-powered virtual real estate empire. Link
  • Binance’s CZ will be speaking at the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei from July 2-3. Link
  • Blockchain panel with Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Poon, Kelvin Fichter, Jae Kwon, Karl Floersch. Link
  • Stellar is hiring a Tech Lead Manager in San Francisco. Link
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