Crypto Weekly 9th November 2018 Market News

The SEC has officially taken its first enforcement action against a crypto exchange
This week the SEC fined EtherDelta $75K (plus interest) after it found the exchange had traded tokens without first registering. It marks the first major legal action taken against a crypto exchange within the US, and is a sign that the agency will take any infringements on crypto regulations seriously.

A Q&A with Arthur Breitman onTezos’s turnaround story
Just months ago, Tezos was close to collapse – but the company barely managed to pull back from the brink, and now it’s been listed on the Kraken exchange (and potentially Coinbase soon). This is a great interview with their CEO on how Tezos turned things around.

Bitcoin Cash declares war – here’s why it could lead to another split
After a year of peaceful upgrades, the forthcoming hard fork slated for November 15th hasn’t yet received consensus from the crypto community, and key stakeholders still haven’t decided on what will be included in the code change.

Inside the hidden costs of conducting an ICO
Running an ICO may seem like a quick and easy way to raise funding, but there are hidden costs one should consider before starting one – ranging from value dilution to exposing one’s strategic roadmap to competition.

Here’s when you should consider using blockchain for your organization
Despite being a transformative technology, blockchain won’t always be a panacea for every organization’s data needs. Using a flow chart to map out one’s decision path can help make that choice easier, and clarify if using blockchain is really necessary for your startup.

Wall Street’s crypto march is being slowed by the appetite of large investors
Despite a huge amount of institutional money being plowed into crypto in recent months, smaller investors aren’t yet convinced, and many analysts are reporting that demand for custodial crypto products has stalled among most asset management clients.

Twitter is starting a massive sweep to clean up crypto scam accounts
After months of clamoring by the crypto community, Twitter is finally taking action on scam accounts. This week it began a global initiative to clean up spam and scam accounts alike, in a welcome turn of events.

Here’s how the crypto crash could end up doing good for the industry
Despite many cryptocurrencies losing more than 80% in value this year, the industry is still on steady footing – and like railroad stocks in the 1800s, crypto seems poised to emerge from the decline stronger than ever.

This is why blockchain-based elections could actually prove disastrous for democracy
Much has been made of the “blockchain-based” elections hosted in countries like Sierra Leone, but do they actually help democracy? Many believe the technology would actually destroy public trust in elections due to a lack of public understanding around how blockchain voting works.

These are the three key challenges facing blockchain development right now
The blockchain industry is growing faster than ever, but it still faces a few critical challenges – such as the lack of qualified development talent, and avoiding the ever-present temptation of excessive regulation.

Crypto 2.0 may turn out to be true digital cash you can finally use
Despite originally being touted as a digital currency, lately Bitcoin has turned into an investment vehicle more than anything. But that may soon be changing, as a new breed of cryptocurrencies promise to finally be crypto’s answer to cash itself.

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BAT is now available for trading on all Coinbase accounts. Link

Down 94% since winter – what’s been happening to ICOs?. Link Wallet has added Stellar and announced a $125M XLM airdrop. Link

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange is creating new infrastructure for crypto assets. Link

A crypto founder has been fined in the SEC’s first Registration Case. Link

Alibaba is set to use blockchain in its famed “Double 11” day for the first time. Link

Blockchain tech is taking on renewable energy trading in Singapore. Link

Two of Japan’s biggest banks are partnering up with Consensys. Link

Join the Digital Asset Forum on December 5 in Washington DC. Link

Binance is hiring a Global Marketing Specialist in Singapore. Link

We just added 50 new crypto companies, 58 new ICOs, 3 new crypto VCs, and more to CryptoList. Link

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